New BJ’s P&G Promo is Back For Limited Time

The P&G promotion for this quarter at BJ's Wholesale Club is back. This year, you can do the promotion more than once! If you are new to shopping at BJ's, you will end up earning $20 in BJ's rewards. I've shared all the details below.

What is BJ's P&G Award Promo?

Before we dive into the details of this promo, let's be clear on what it is. BJ's P&G Award Promo is a quarterly promotion that rewards members with a $20 award when they spend $100 or more on qualifying P&G items in a single transaction.

This promotion runs from 2/13/24- 3/17.

Your reward will be added to your membership card on 3/19/24 and must be used by 4/2/24. If you do not use the reward by then, it will just be gone.

You can only do this promotion twice. If you do it more than that, you will still only get the maximum reward of $40.

What are Qualifying P&G Brands?

Not sure what P&G brands are qualified for this promotion? Here's a list to get you started: Tide, Downy, Bounty, Charmin, Gillette, Pampers, Pepto, Puffs, Pantene, Crest, Venus, Vicks, Secret, Swiffer, Dawn and many more.

Don't forget to check the complete list of qualified P&G items before purchasing HERE.

$20 P&G award at BJs wholesale club

Step 1: Plan Your Shopping List

Start by planning which P&G items you want to include in your purchase. Qualifying P&G products may vary, so reviewing the current promotions and inclusions is essential before heading to the store or adding items to your cart on

P&G is home to many products, from household cleaners to personal care, beauty, and health items. Ensure your desired products are included in the promotion to qualify for the $20 rewards.

This step isn't just about selecting items but strategically choosing products you regularly use and need. By making practical selections, you're benefiting from the reward and restocking your home with trusted brand names that offer consistent quality.

p&g promotion at BJs

Step 2: Stack Up on Coupons and Discounts

Before entering BJ’s or clicking ‘checkout’ online, gather your coupons and watch for ongoing store discounts. BJ’s Wholesale Club is known for its competitive prices, and when you layer manufacturer coupons on top, the savings are unbeatable. Remember, your $100 spend must be after all discounts and coupons are applied.

If you are NOT a member of P&G rewards, you need to sign up. It's free, and you can get FREE coupons for these P&G items that you can use at BJ's!

For those not yet maximizing their savings with BJ’s, becoming a member is cost-effective and opens the doors to additional discounts and cash-back perks. BJ’s Inner Circle Membership is available for a nominal fee and will quickly pay for itself with the exclusive offers and member benefits.

Stacking coupons and taking advantage of BJ's internal offers makes smart financial sense as every dollar saved here is a dollar you don't necessarily have to spend to reach the $100 threshold.

Can I Use Coupons?

Yes, you can use BJ's coupons, and you should sign up for the P&G printable coupons account here. ( It's free) You can stack manufacturer coupons with BJ's coupons for additional savings. The $100 must be after coupons, unfortunately.

Here is a deal scenario for you:

bjs deal ideas for P&g promo

Step 3: Keep Track of Your Cart Total

As you shop, keep track of your cart total — it's easy to get caught up and overshoot your budget in the face of good deals.

Utilize the BJ's app to monitor your spending in real-time, or do periodic check-ins as you add items to your cart. Assess whether the items in your cart will match the $100 spent after all discounts have been applied.

BJ's gift card when you buy 3 select p&G items

Step 4: Enjoy Your $20 Rewards and Put Them to Good Use

Once you've earned your $20 rewards, deciding how to utilize them is the best part. You won't see the reward in your BJ's member account until 3/19. It must be used by 4/2/24, or the reward will be forfeited.

Following these straightforward steps, you can confidently navigate the BJ’s Wholesale Club and P&G promotions, enjoying the benefits of stockpiling your household essentials while earning substantial rewards.

What If You're Not a BJ's Member?

If you're not a BJ's member, this is your chance to sign up for only $20 instead of the regular $55 membership fee. That's right! You can get a membership and take advantage of BJ's incredible deals and promotions. Just sign up before the promotion ends, and you're good to go.

How to Find the $20 Award in Your BJ's Account

You can sign in to your account to check and see if you have the award before you shop.

  1. To find your awards sign in to your account.
  2. Tap Account Information.
  3. Tap Savings and Awards.

Does This Offer Work With Door Dash or Instacart?

This offer will not work with any third parties like Doordash or Instacart.

Is This Program the Same as My BJ's Perks?

No, this is a different reward, and you will still earn your separate BJ's awards on your membership card. Did you know that BJ's perks cards are getting an upgrade? 

Whether it's your first time participating in a shopping deal like this or you're a seasoned pro, the key is strategizing and making your money work for you. Happy shopping, and even happier saving!

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