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  1. I did spend 150 after coupon but I don’t see the $15 off coupon. Anyone having same issue?

    I bought a bjs gift card before 2/11.

  2. I would prefer instant savings, because you know if it worked right away. Too many times I have gone out of my way to qualify for a rebate that is supposed to show up weeks later in my account, but never does. (Yes, I keep checking the coupons to be clipped area during the designated time period.). I no longer try to do these! Just disgusted.Coupons are great if they work. Mind you otherwise i really like shopping at BJs. It’s just a bummer.

    • I get it. I wish it was an instant moeny off too, not a fan of the getting a coupon at a later date, clipping it and all that.

  3. I too am getting tired of the endless clipping! Go the way of others and make them all “instant savings” or clipless coupons-whatever they want to call it. You can’t buy multiples of an item without clipping again and it’s not right away. Most clubs post a limit but allow multiples-it can be done! I think $150 is too much in one transaction. I came close last weekend so don’t think I’ll be qualifying before it expires.

  4. It seems like BJ’s is making it harder and harder to play the game of saving money. It has turned into a hassle really. I am not sure if the membership is worth the money anymore. Too many folks are having to spend more to catch the savings, when it is an abundance of products they don’t really need. It is so much easier shopping at Sam’s where you have instant savings and no coupons to clip. Sam’s is straight up.

  5. I wish I had known about it before shopping there today – I have only 1 current coupon book and there’s nothing in there about it. Also, I agree with Reva – $150 is too much for one transaction. Why not have graduated amounts/rewards?

  6. I order most of my stuff through the app so I don’t really mind, that being said my mom is 78 and doesn’t understand any of that stuff except the coupon book. It would be nice for everyone to be able to get the discounts or as you mentioned clip-less savings.

  7. I prefer to have paper coupons. The digital ones sometimes don’t even come off. Then, you have to call over the customer service person. Also, you can only use one digital coupon at a time. I buy multiples of some items and need more than one coupon.

    As for their $15.00 back deal, it’s not worth it for me. Procter & Gamble products are so over-priced as it is, you can save much more than that by buying other brands.

  8. Not everyone is into the digital styles so I think they should do something else and it’s crazy each coupon you use you gotta go back and clip it again wow .

  9. In my opinion, $150 in one transaction is too much. We are a senior couple & shop there regularly. I don’t think we’ve ever spent that much in one transaction.

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