Fireworks at BJs!

Depending on your local state’s laws you may or may not have fireworks available at your local wholesale club. Today I saw Fireworks out at our local BJs and Costco in Rochester, NY area.

The selection of fireworks this year 2020 is low compared to last year. Not sure if they are going to get more later. 

Take a look at the ones available at our club this year 2020 compared the ones from last year 2019 below.


fireworks at bjs 2020

This is what was left. 




Are fireworks a good deal? I have no idea because we aren’t big into buying them. We did get a couple of the packages last year for our party and it was a blast.  Let us know if you find good prices at Costco or BJs for fireworks.


Here’s some of the ones I spotted last year 2019. 

fireworks at BJs wholesale club

This is at BJs

fireworks for sale at BJs

More fireworks near front entrance at BJs. 

I’m waiting to see if this weekend they have a setup like this. If your BJ’s does let us know in our Facebook group. 

Last one of Fireworks at BJs



fireworks at costco wholesale club

These are the fireworks at Costco near front door



fireworks at costco

These are the fireworks at Costco near front door




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