13 Things You Should Always Buy at BJ’s Wholesale Club

I have been shopping at BJ’s for about 10+ years now. I love it! As a couponer, I can get great deals at my local grocery store but BJ’s is serious competition. When it comes to these 13 items you can always count on them to be the cheapest at BJs.

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The best part of BJ’s is they offer store coupons once a month in the Member Savings Booklet via mail and every 2 weeks in store. Then you can use a manufacturer coupon on top of those savings! As well as grocery savings apps! 

Keep in mind to always check the unit price for the best bargain. BJ’s has a certain way they price their items which are different than a sale price at other grocery stores. Plus BJ’s is the ONLY warehouse club to accept manufacturer coupons. 

Here are 13 Must Buy Items at BJ’s Wholesale Club



Cuts of Fresh Meat

During the holiday’s members receive coupons for items such as ham, chicken, turkeys but the prices on fresh meat are the best in our area. Every time I have price checked at my local grocery store, and compared to Aldi’s, BJ’s meat is the same or cheaper.

BJ’s all natural beef, pork, and poultry are all USA only, 100% vegetarian fed and are from animals that have never been given antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones.  The club offers whole primal cuts in many varieties at significant savings and the Club’s Butcher will cut them to Members specifications at no additional charge.

Many people may not know that at every BJ’s they can ask the butcher to have a piece of meat re-cut and repackaged at no charge.  This is a real convenience because people can just take their meat home and put it straight in the freezer.


Organic Items

Organic items are not the easiest product to have on your grocery list when you have a certain budget, yet the prices on Organics at BJ’s eases the dent in the wallet. BJ’s carries many of their own brand of organic items at an affordable price. The club is continuing to add more organic products to their stores.

 The warehouse store offers fresh produce from local farmers.  Check out my 10 Favorite Organic deals to see exactly why this is on the list. For example, organic apples are just $1.80/lb. The best part they offer coupons on Organic items every month!

Lettuce/Salad Kits

This could fit in with the Organic but the prices for fresh lettuce/salad kits are amazing! Even at our local grocery store with a coupon, it’s more expensive than the regular price at BJs! The best part is BJ’s frequently offers store coupons on Fresh Express salad kits and Organic Romaine Hearts.


Seafood Items

This is on the list because the quality is there. I tried one more time to get the fish at Aldi’s and the price was the same as BJ’s and the quality was not there. I love Aldi’s too and the Tilapia is ok.

But other varieties of fish, in my opinion, are not worth the money. When we have a BJ’s coupon to use for these items the savings is incredible.

must buy items at BJ's wholesale club


Bottled Water

Seriously, a 40 pack for $3.99. ( 32 oz.) One thing I love is that you don’t have to wait for a sale price. That is the price all the time! That is just $0.10 a bottle. I have a list of all the water bottle prices at BJ’s in a post here. The water even if it is not the store brand is a must buy.


Paper Products


I love the prices of paper products at BJ’s. Toilet Paper, paper towels, and tissues are items I always get from the club.

Kleenex brand tissues without a BJ’s coupon are still less than a $1 a box. There are many coupons for Kleenex in the newspaper inserts and online frequently that you can get boxes of tissue for less than a $1. Here is an example of a past deal:

Kleenex (10 pack/160 sheets) – $12.99
Use the $3/1 clipless coupon and
Use three $0.50/3 printable coupons here
Final Price: $8.49 or $0.85 each

BJ’s has their own brand and I love the quality. Berkley and Jensen Toilet paper is $0.49 a double roll without a coupon. About every 3 months they offer a $3 off this brand coupon! That is just $0.41 a double roll or $0.16 a regular roll! 

Here is an example of a past deal on Paper Plates!

Berkley Jensen Heavy Duty Coated Paper Plates (375 ct) – $11.99
Use the $2.50/1 BJs coupon
Final Price: $9.49- or $0.02 a plate!


bjs brand battery deal online shipped

I compared the BJ’s brand Berkley Jensen batteries to Duracell and the BJs ones lasted longer and are cheaper. At BJs you can get a pack of Berkley Jensen AAA Alkaline Batteries, 48 ct. for $18.99.  They also run sale prices on these batteries often.

The Duracell CopperTop AAA Batteries, 34 ct. is $17.99 and we don’t see any BJs coupons for these.

That ends up being only $0.39 per battery for the BJs brand. Or you could pay $0.52 for Duracell!

Laundry Supplies

The BJ’s brand Berkley Jensen is so affordable regular price. You can get a 196 oz for $16.99. Then almost every other month you can use a $3 off BJs coupon making it only $13.99! That’s a steal. It is comparable to Tide.

Propane Tanks

It wasn’t until last year that we started using propane tanks for a grill. We still love grilling with our charcoal but I looked at every place in our city and BJ’s had by far the best price.

Only $9.99 for a propane tank refill. The tank itself you can buy for $29.99.  This is a must buy for sure on many people’s lists.

Only $9.99 for a propane tank refill. The tank itself you can buy for $29.99.  This is a must buy for sure on many people’s lists.

must buy items at BJ's wholesale club


Baby Supplies

You may have noticed that I love BJ’s brand items and when our kids were in diapers I loved their diapers and the cost was around $0.10 per diaper. With my first baby I was using Targets Up & UP diapers which I loved but then I found that BJ’s prices were cheaper for Luvs, and the BJs brand.

If you are a Pampers or Huggies lover every month BJ’s has their own store coupons for these brands and you can easily find coupons online for these brands as well.

The formula is another great option that is always less than Target and Walmart. When you have a coupon to use this is a must buy for parents.

Car seat, bibs the list doesn’t end. Every single item from diapers to baby food has been the best buy at BJ’s. This month ( Sept.2016) we have so many BJ’s coupons for Baby Items. If you need supplies check out these deals. 

Spices/Herbs/Baking Supplies

mcormick spices at BJs wholesale club

If you love making your own spice blends and cooking the spices and herbs are a bargain. Yes, you get a large bottle but the cost is way less than your local grocery store. I love getting my Organic Cane Sugar 10 lbs for $9.99.  A 10 lb. bag of Gold Medal Flour is just $4.99.

If you need an app to help you meal plan this is my FAVORITE one.


My favorite pantry staples is a tie between the Wellsley Farms Pure Vanilla Extract, 16 oz. for $10.99( Update prices of vanilla have skyrocketd. This is now $20.) and the Fleischmann’s yeast 4 lbs of yeast for $2.99. If you need a spice or baking ingredient do your budget a favor and buy it at the club.

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Coffee! Starbucks specifically!

Starbucks coffee is SUCH a good deal at BJs. Just about every other month there is a $5.00 off BJs coupon as well. This makes a huge 40 oz bag of Starbucks coffee only $12.99!

BJs has their own brand of coffee which is very affordable. Only $9.99 for a 40 oz. bag. If you haven’t been picking up coffee at the club- now is the time my friend.

Seasonal Items

if you are a wholesale shopper you probably love the ever changing selection in the middle of the store. Much like Costco, the seasonal items move quick. This means they go on clearance often. You can easily get your seasonal items on clearance BEFORE the actual holiday.

What do you love buying at BJs?

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