BJs Has the Cheapest Propane Refill & You Don’t have to Be a Member

When it comes to Propane, BJ's is by far the cheapest.

Propane tanks are a great way to enjoy all the perks of traditional fossil fuels without any harmful emissions. You can buy them at cost ($29 for two) or exchange an empty one back in store for around eight dollars, depending on where you live!

First, you purchase the pre-filled tank for $29.99. Then, for BJ's members, it costs $7.99 for a refill. Non-members $12.49. Check around. That is a steal!

( Note: These prices are based in Rochester, NY)

You may be new to grilling or have never purchased a propane tank at BJ's and other retailers, but don't worry! This is an easy process.

oklahoma joes charcoal/gas grill

Below are some quick tips to get you started.

  • Purchase Propane Tank (BJ's $29.99) (Lowe's has Blue Rhino $29.99)
  • Exchange an empty one for $12.97 or $9.97 (Prices vary in certain locations)
  • Make sure the tank has decent paint, double check the date and valve.
  • Most retailers, Walgreens, Walmart, Lowes, Gas stations, usually charge around $20 for refills. BJ's is under $10
  • Never use tools to hook up your tank. Just remove the plastic cap and make sure the needle fits into the valve. You'll probably hear air release.
  • Don't bring the tanks inside stores. Set them next to their caged propane display.
  • If you already have a tank, be aware some stores won't fill certain kinds due to law restrictions.
  • Clubs can only fill 20lb and 30 lb tanks.
  •  All Clubs that sell propane will take back old propane tanks for a $5 disposal fee
cheapest propane refill near me

Most BJ's club's propane tank areas are near the Tire center. You will need to go into the Tire center entrance to pay for your refill or if you are buying a new tank. Then the BJ's employees will direct you to the tank and fill it up.

Wonder if BJ's or Costco is a better deal for gas? Find out here.

Easy peasy. Don't forget you can save 10 cents off a gallon of gas for every High Octane Gas item that you purchase at BJ's Wholesale club.

Top Benefits of Grilling with Propane

Propane is convenient and easy. You can start your meal with a simple turn of the ignition key, no matches needed! And because it's so fast to heat up, you won't be waiting around all day while dinner cooks.

Propane grills are easier to clean than charcoal grills. That's right; propane grills are the best type of grill for cleanup. They're so easy to keep clean!

You won't have any trouble removing all that delicious food from your plate with just a quick scrub-down and then you can enjoy another meal prep session without worrying about having leftovers because these things always run out before us humans do 😉

There's no need to worry about the taste of lighter fluid, and it doesn't overpower your food as some people say.

It only happened once or twice for me, but when that happens, you can tell there is something wrong with either how much was used in one go (which makes sense) OR if an accident occurred during cooking because everything tastes burnt no matter what pan I use!

You'll be able to find just about any grill that suits your fancy with propane at BJ's. Check out this page for more information on the different styles and brands available!

You're all set to save, and grill!

Check online for BJs propane prices near you here.

I was paying $20 a refill, I just discovered that my local BJ's is only $8.99 for BJ's Members! Did you know about BJ's awesome Propane price?

Here are 13 other secrets at BJ's you probably didn't know! 

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