BJs Has the Cheapest Propane Refill & You Don’t have to Be a Member

When it comes to Propane, BJ’s is by far the cheapest. You purchase the pre-filled tank for $29.99. Then for members, it costs $ $7.99 for a refill. Non-members $12.49. Check around. That is a steal! I am amazed they offer this deal to Non-members as well.

( Note: These prices are based in Rochester, NY)

If you’re new to grilling or have never purchased a propane tank at BJ’s or other retailers don’t worry! Below are some quick tips to get you started.

  • Purchase Propane Tank (BJ’s $29.99) (Lowe’s has Blue Rhino $29.99 Save $3 with Coupon)
  • Exchange an empty one for $12.97 or $9.97 (Prices vary in certain locations)
  • Make sure the tank has decent paint, double check the date and valve.
  • Most retailers, Walgreens, Walmart, Lowes, Gas stations, usually charge around $20 for refills. BJ’s is under $10
  • Never use tools to hook up your tank. Just remove the plastic cap and make sure the needle fits into the valve. You’ll probably hear air release.
  • Don’t bring the tanks inside stores. Set them next to their caged propane display.
  • If you already have a tank, be aware some stores won’t fill certain kinds due to law restrictions.
  • Clubs can only fill 20lb and 30 lb tanks.
  •  All Clubs that sell propane will take back old propane tanks for a $5 disposal fee

You’re all set to save, and grill!

I was paying $20 a refill, I just discovered that my local BJ’s is only $8.99 for BJ’s Members! Did you know about BJ’s awesome Propane price?

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