13 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Saving at BJ’s Wholesale

BJ's Wholesale Club is different than your regular grocery/retail store. They don't come out and show you things on sale with a big sign. Instead, you need to be an insider and know the following secrets to save at BJ's. 

Secrets. Something about the word already intrigues you, and I was shopping at BJ's for a few years before I realized some of these additional ways to save at the club. For example, I had no idea when I price compared to my area for propane that BJ's was by far the best buy.

I have been a BJ's Member for about eight years now. That's eight years since I choose to get a membership! I truly love shopping there. In August 2015, a fellow blogger asked if I wanted to take over this site because of my love for the club!

If you have been hanging out with me for a bit or following my other frugal living site, you know I want a deal and to spend my money wisely.

secrets to save at BJ's wholesale club

Yet if you are shopping at BJ's and thinking it's enough to grab something off the shelf and save, it's not. You can save even more with these 13 secrets to savings.

So maybe you are a BJ's member already, or perhaps you are thinking about becoming one. Maybe you want to save money, and it seems warehouse clubs are the easiest way to do that.

In a remarkable store comparison here– BJ's is the cheapest warehouse club compared to Costco and Sam's Club. The funny thing is in the article. They didn't even mention the fact you can use coupons at BJ's- which is the whole purpose of this site 🙂

The secret is when you apply all of the following, you will start to see some serious savings at BJs!

Here are My Money-Saving Secrets for BJs:


Don't buy the samples right away

The samples are perfect for entertaining your kids, and the servers are lovely- but the tip is that unless there is a BJ's coupon, don't buy it right away. Try it to see how you like it, but if you end up loving it, you must have the willpower to walk away from it and the lovely server.

Likewise, if you are hungry, stay away from the samples! The will to not buy it may be too tempting.

Read: The Insider Tips to What The Samples Mean at BJs

Go in with a List

You may think that because the items are larger, you won't buy many things, but there is something that draws you in and transforms you into a whole new world when you are in BJs.

To save money, you must stick to your list. There are so many items in the store that can steer you away. Remember, you have a grocery budget, and you must stick to it. This is done by following a list.

Read: How to Create a Perfect Money Saving List

BJ's membership discount 2023

Take advantage of Lower Cost Membership

You will see a handful of discounts on BJ's Wholesale Club memberships every year. I was just informed by a BJ's employee they have to accept your offer.

The best ways to save on a BJ's membership is to sign up for the $ 25-year membership deal HERE. That's $2 a month.

Split the Membership

Yes, if the $50 a year membership is just a bit more than you are willing to spend and there aren't any discount memberships available, consider splitting the cost with a friend!

Join My BJs Perks Rewards Program

The BJ's Perks rewards membership has a few different offers to fit the diverse needs of each family.

There is a BJ's Perks Rewards membership which offers 2% back on most in-club and BJs.com purchases. This is not a credit card and comes with a $100 annual membership instead of the $50 regular membership. You can not use membership discounts on this program.

The BJ's Perks Plus credit card membership rewards offer a 3% savings on most in-club and BJs.com purchases, $0.10/gallon of gas, 2% back on dining out and other gas purchases, 1% back on earnings on other non-BJ's purchases everywhere else MasterCard is accepted.

The BJ's Perk Elite offers 5% earnings on most club and BJs.com purchases, $0.10/gallon of gas, 2% back on dining out and other gas purchases, 1% back on earnings on other non-BJ's purchases everywhere else MasterCard is accepted.


RARE Triple Coupon Stack for Coca Cola Minis at BJ's

Use BJ's Coupons

As a member, you receive a monthly coupon book that averages 75 pages in BJs coupons. In addition, every two weeks, BJ's offers in-store coupons.

Unfortunately, these are only available at your local club. I post a full coupon scan here on the blog to give you a peek and plan your shopping trips accordingly and keep saving money.

The Secret to this is double stacking. When two BJ's coupon books overlap you are able to use BOTH BJs coupons and manufacturer coupon on top of it. I explain it here in a video for you. BUT it's a great way to save.

The best deals at BJ's are shared on our blog daily. Most coupon-stacking deals have a nice breakdown telling you what coupons to use. We share all the latest BJ's deals for members HERE.

benadryl at bjs wholesale club

Use Manufacturer Coupons

BJs is the ONLY club that accepts manufacturer coupons. Unfortunately, many stores give customers a hard time combining multiple coupons on a packaged item.

However, the policy is now one manufacturer coupon PER item, and you can still stack it with a BJs coupon.

The manufacturer coupons are available in the app too. However, NOT all, but the ones from coupons.com are available.

wellsley farms frozen berries

Buy Organic Items

The Organic items at BJ's are much less than Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. You can look at my 10 Favorite Organic deals here to get an idea of the BJs deals available for these items.

The Weslley Farms brand is one of my favorites.

If you are curious as to what organic products they carry, there is a list of Wellsley Farms organic items here.

Not only is the price lower than area grocery stores when you get a BJs discount to use on these items, but the savings are also tremendous.

gas discount at bjs wholesale club

BJ's Wholesale Club Gas

One of my favorite ways to save at BJ's wholesale club is to buy BJ's gas while shopping. BJ's gas is always cheaper than our local gas station, but it's the BJ's Fuel Saver program and extra bonus savings that really sweeten the savings.

How does the Fuel Saver Program work at BJ's Wholesale club?

BJ's members buy one item from the Fuel Saver program list, and it will get you a discount of 10¢/gal. You can buy as many of the items as you like and get gas for as low as 2¢/gal.

For example, if you buy five Fuel Saver items at BJ's wholesale club, you will get 50¢ off a gallon at your next fill-up.

You can find the gas savings list and promotion details every month on our blog HERE.

bjs high octane gas symbol

Price Reductions/Clearance

BJ's doesn't have big flashy SALE signs. Anytime you see a different sale sign is when it is a price reduced. These reductions are always HUGE, and one of the best ways to save at the club.

steve madden women's jackets at BJs

Our local club puts many price-reduced items on the endcaps of the personal and pet care aisles.

Each store will have different areas as to where they are. Sometimes you will see these price reductions right down the aisle. Check out this video about how to find the prices of clearance items at your local warehouse.

You can see the daily clearance and coupon stacking deals we share here.

Buy Store Brand

Yes, there is a BJ's brand that is called Wellsley Farms and Berkley Jensen. These items are always less than the name-brand ones.

Discounts are also offered frequently for the items making store brand items a great purchase.

I love both store brands at BJ's warehouse and have not been disappointed with either brands. They have also been expanding these lines, giving members more options to save money every day.

Check out my video review on Tide Pods Compared to BJ's Pods Detergent

cheapest propane refill near me

Buy Propane Tanks

We just moved, and our new farmhouse has a propane grill ( which we are very much charcoal grillers). So I started shopping around for propane prices. BJ's is by far the cheapest.

The cost for a propane tank is $29.99. Then for members, it costs $9.97 for a refill. Non-members $12.97. Check around. That is a fantastic price.

You can read more about how the propane tanks and refills work at BJ's HERE.

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So there you have it, thirteen secrets to saving money at BJ’s wholesale club. Have you tried any of these tips? Are there other ways that you save money when shopping at BJ’s?

Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget, if you want the best deals on your membership, check out our latest offers here. Thanks for reading, and happy bargain hunting!

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