5 Grocery Items You Should Never Buy From BJs

It is painful to turn away from the middle aisle at BJs. Especially when you go to do your monthly shopping and want to get it all done now.

But you don’t want to face buyers remorse and have to make another trip back to return items.

Let me help you out and share with you five grocery items you should never buy at BJs.

It takes time and practice to become a smart bulk shopper. You don’t want to buy anything that your family won’t use up before it goes bad.

We also have seven items you should ALWAYS buy at wholesale clubs here.

wellsley farms mushrooms at BJs

Specialty Produce Items

Produce in general at wholesale clubs can be a great deal when items are in season, but it’s those specialty ones that get you.

Like garlic. If you aren’t going to use five cloves of garlic fairly soon, it’s going to go bad. You can read more about storing and keeping garlic here.

Mushrooms are another one I find if I can’t use the whole big pack in my recipe from BJs they go bad before I use them up.

grillmates BBq at bjs


If you end up buying spices at wholesale clubs like BJs YOU MUST crunch up the spice before you use it. Over time dried spices will lose their punch but you can help bring them back to life with a little quick crunch.

Otherwise stick to buying smaller dry spices.

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toasted seasme oil at BJs wholesale club

Cooking Oil

Toasted sesame oil may save you a few cents when it comes to purchasing in bulk BUT unless you are using this specialty oil frequently it may go bad.

Sure if you don’t open these big bottles they will last for a long time, but once you open it to use a couple tablespoons you better keep on using it.

Not sure how to tell if your cooking oil is bad? Read this.



Mustard, Lemon Juice, Soy Sauce

Most households go through the hug jug of Hellmann’s mayonnaise like we do. BUT there are some condiments you find yourself using minimally. For example Grey Poupon at BJs comes in a two pack each jar is 16 oz. That’s a lot of mustard! Be sure you can finish up the first big jar. Other items I try to avoid is Soy Sauce! I’ll never use up a huge 64 oz. jar in time.

Lemon juice is another item to avoid. I found out by the time I go to use the second half of the bottle it’s lost all it’s flavor.

Stick to family staples for example maybe Ketchup, Mayo, and relish your family goes through in the summer months at BJs. For the other condiments wait for a sale at your local grocery store.

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hershey's cookie layer candy


I say this as a lesson learned. I made a new rule this year no matter how low that bag of chocolate candy goes at BJs. I CAN NOT buy it. The Hershey’s Lay Crunch above- is dangerously delicious. With my long winter months coming, I need to say no.

What happened last year was my $4 bag of Hershey’s vanished way to soon. I was mortified that I stashed it away from the rest of the family and only had my self to blame. If you can’t control yourself like me, don’t bother buying it. Skip the deal.

The M&M’s are another dangerous one because you dip a whole handful right in.

If you are going to Bjs to buy candy for an event by all means. Yet wait for a BJs coupon to get the best deal. But this is one item to avoid if you want to keep on hand because you think BJs has the best deal.

What item do you avoid buying at BJs?

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