How Does Couponing at BJs Work in 2021?

Ive been shopping at BJ’s for a long time. Over ten years now.

When I took over this website back in 2014, couponing at BJs was extreme. You needed multiple manufacturer coupons per item and stacked it with BJs coupons, Ibotta, Savingstar, and more!

The way we coupon in the past three years has changed so much. Even as BJ’s members.

We went from using multiple manufacturer coupons per item to one coupon, to no coupons, back to one coupon, and now coupon stacking of BJs coupons.

You can read BJ’s official coupon policy here.

Sign up for a BJ’s membership and pay only $25 for the entire year here.

The easiest way to coupon at BJs is below.

If you love using apps you can download the BJs app free. BUT if you are like me and hate how Facebook can access all the apps on your phone, then using BJs website works just as well.

And yes that’s real with Facebook. You can turn off their tracking you outside of Facebook here.

How do Clipped coupons at BJs work?

When you go into the app or on there is a coupons section.

Here’s what the app looks like( 1st image) and here’s what it looks like on desktop. ( 2nd image)

Both work just fine on my phone, but you may have a better experience using the BJs website on a desktop.

The first thing you will do is SIGN IN at the top right-hand corner of or in the MY BJ’S tab in the BJ’s App.

If you have never created a sign in ( this isn’t the membership) you will need to create a log in.

For that you will need your BJ’s membership card number.

Once you are signed in you will hit the +Clip button. These coupons are now attached to your BJ’s membership card.

You have to clip every single coupon. There is no clip all button.

How do you redeem BJs coupons?

When you checkout you will see the digital coupons come off. You can check this BEFORE you select your payment method.

If for some reason a coupon you clipped didn’t come off your total, and you are sure you bought the correct item, you can bring your receipt to Member services and they will reimburse you.

*TIPS: You will need to use the membership card you clipped the coupons to when you cash out. You can have coupons apply to BOTH membership accounts. Details on how to do that here.

Can You Use BJ’s Coupons Online?

The same coupons you clip in the app or on the website can be used online. Many of the coupon stack deals we share daily are easily done online.

BJs does charge shipping on almost all of their items- no matter what your membership level is. ( Unlike Sam’s where a Perks Membership gets you free shipping.)

BJ’s does have free curbside pickup. If you live close to a BJs Wholesale club this is a great option. You can easily use the app to let them know you have arrived or call the store.

You can run into the store and head to the member service area to pick up your order too. I know this because I always end up remembering other items to get and end up going in.

I love the option but I love even more going through the store and finding bonus clearance deals. ( I of course share them all here with you!)

How to Unclip BJs Coupons

Did you clip the wrong BJ’s coupon and don’t want it anymore? There is no way to unclip a BJ’s coupon. This may change but for now, it will be in your account until it expires.

How Many Coupons Can you Use at BJs?

You are allowed to use one manufacturer coupon per item and one BJ’s coupon per item together. Since BJ’s has now allowed the use of digital coupons we can stack two different BJs coupons on one item.

This is what we call coupon stacking. For example here’s a look at that.

gillette fusion coupon stack at bjs

At the time of writing this article, you can save $19 off Gillette razors at BJs here. This is an example of two different BJ’s coupons stacking together and paired with a manufacturer coupon.

Manufacturer coupons are found in the coupon section online for BJs. Most are from the website. You won’t find the same coupons from your Sunday newspaper in the BJs app.

You can watch this video or read the post here on how to tell which ones are a manufacturer coupon or a BJ’s coupon.

BJ’s digital coupons do reset. I have found they will reset within 10 minutes after using. It does say a maximum of 30 minutes. Waiting for digital coupons to reset in store, may be a hassle, but online it’s quite simple.

Once they reset they will show up in the app or website again. You will need to go back in and clip the coupons you want.

BJ’s Wholesale club does not offer a clip all button for their digital coupons. But boy do we wish they did.

This is a very easy way to coupon now. Just a few clicks and you are saving serious cash.

If you had no idea this was a thing at BJs, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter so you don’t miss these deals.

Let us know what other tips you have for couponing at BJs in 2021 in the comments below?

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