7 Things to Always Buy From BJ’s Wholesale Club

Need the best bulk buying deals this week? Whether you are looking to save money at Costco, Sam’s, or BJs, these seven items are always a good buy at the club.

Shopping at a wholesale club may seem like it’s never a good deal. So why pay to shop there? As a frugal woman who has been running a website for four years about BJ’s Wholesale Club, I can tell you there are ways to have your membership paid for. 

With Sam’s Club closing many stores, it’s my least favorite out of the three. However, recently I’ve fallen in love with shopping at Costco, so much I started a Costco blog here.

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Discount Wholesale Memberships 

Shopping on a budget means you are constantly looking for the best price. But, then, throw in a convenience factor. It’s like icing on the cake. One of the reasons I prefer shopping at BJ’s is because I can get everything on my list from one shopping trip.

Sometimes multiple trips can be too much when you are hauling the kids with you. Buying in bulk also means you aren’t making as many trips to the grocery store per week.

When you pick up any of the seven items below, you will be getting quality items for a lower price. There is always the rare occasion you come across a killer coupon deal where you may be able to snatch up one of these items at your local grocery store or Target.

Those kinds of coupon deals are rare, though, so give yourself a break and rest assured the following seven items are always a good deal at Sam’s, Costco, and BJ’s.


Before I shopped at wholesale clubs weekly, I would always buy our meat at BJ’s. So I price compared BJ’s meat to Aldi- and I was surprised that BJ’s won. I didn’t officially type up a post yet, but I compared Costco and BJ’s meat prices to Walmart, and the warehouse clubs were the winner.

If you prefer grass-fed beef, you can’t get a better price. BJ’s meat is all-natural beef, pork, and poultry are all USA only, 100% vegetarian fed, and are from animals that have never been given antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones.  

The club offers whole primal cuts in many varieties at significant savings, and the Club’s Butcher will cut them to Members specifications at no additional charge.


dunkin donuts coffee deal


I love coffee. I have plenty of shirts and signs that mention I need coffee before anyone speaks. Coffee is something I can’t wait to buy when it goes on sale, and I have a coupon. It’s a need in this house. If you are like me, you will want to join a wholesale club just for the coffee.

Again you can go an even cheaper route and buy the store brand. We enjoy BJ’s Organic Coffee line but ultimately prefer Starbucks.

  • At Costco the Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 2.5 lbs. costs $20.99.
  • At BJ’s the Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 2.5 lbs costs $17.99. 
  • At Sam’s the Starbucks Verona 2 lb. costs $17.98

You know that a 12 oz bag at Target costs you $7.99.

Toilet Paper

There is something about walking out with toilet paper at a warehouse club that makes sense. It is an item you do not want to run out of.

When you buy it in bulk, it allows you some time before you need to stock up again. BJ’s recently won the best toilet paper in 2017. Each club offers its brand. Let’s take a look at prices.

  • Costco Kirkland 2-ply toilet paper 30 rolls $18.99 
  • BJ’s Berkley Jensen Big Roll 2-ply 36 rolls $17.99
  • Sam’s Club toilet paper- Member’s Mark  2-Ply Large  45 rolls $18.68

We use the BJ’s brand mentioned above, and I love it. Part of the reason it won the award is that it dissolves quickly. This is a perfect choice for us on a budget and for a septic tank.

berkley jensen laundry detergent

Laundry Detergent

If you aren’t a loyal name-brand shopper, you will save a ton of money on laundry detergent at warehouse clubs. In addition, BJ’s and Costco offer their brand at significantly low prices.

BJ’s Wholesale brand is Berkley Jensen. You will get a 170 oz—bottle for $13.99 regular price. Plus, the club offers coupons on this almost every other month.

Costco’s brand is Kirkland. You will get a 194 oz—bottle for $16.99 regular price.


Organic Items

Organic items are not the easiest product to have on your grocery list when you have a specific budget, yet the prices on Organics at wholesale clubs ease the dent in the wallet. All three clubs carry many of their brand of organic items at an affordable price.

I know BJ’s club is continuing to add more organic products to their stores. However, at this point, Costco seems to be the winner in a greater selection of organic items.

For example, organic apples are just $1.80/lb on average at warehouse clubs!



You don’t find manufacturers or e-coupons often for batteries. If you have young kids, you understand the pain that goes along with buying toys that require batteries. If you join a wholesale club, you can rest assured you’re getting a deal.

I haven’t noticed a difference in the store brand batteries compared to a name brand. That gives you a super deal at each club.

Spices/Herbs/Baking Supplies

If you love making your spice blends and cooking, the spices and herbs are a bargain. Yes, you get a large bottle, but the cost is way less than your local grocery store. I love getting my Organic Cane Sugar 10 lbs for $9.99.  A 10 lb. bag of Gold Medal Flour is just $4.99 at BJ’s.

Costco offers their brand of spices which is a super deal. An example is the Kirkland Signature no salt seasoning 14.5 oz for $9.49.


Plus, it would help if you always were looking at Toys during the Holiday season. Sam’s, Costco, and BJs sell toys at a cheaper cost without waiting for a Black Friday sale during the holiday season.

You can see our list of toys at BJs this year here.

Also, check out all the Black Friday ads for wholesale clubs and other retailers HERE. 

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