7 Smart BJs Deals to Grab When You Want to Eat Healthier

After my first daughter was born, something in me changed. Okay, many things changed but organic foods brought on a whole new meaning. Do you know the Luvs commercial where they show the parents with their first baby and all the items they bring to leave the house?

When they have the second baby, they just grab one thing and are out the door. This was so true for us! I also felt the same way about every little thing I was feeding our first daughter. She didn't eat a Cheeto until my second daughter was born.

Now I'm not saying you should be eating Cheetos all the time, my point is things loosen up the more kids you have. Even with that, I still love to grab certain organic items at BJ's every time.

I've found these organic items to be the best price at BJs when I compared to my local grocery store Tops and Aldi. 

BJ's periodically offers coupons on organic items so always keep an eye out.

My favorite place to print coupons for organic items or healthy foods is here.  No, it's not coupons.com click the link 😉 

If eating healthier is on your priority list you'll want to consider shopping at BJ's Wholesale Club. I've been shopping at BJ's for almost ten years and love it.

We've compiled seven smart BJ's deals you should grab for a healthier snack this year.

BJ's is the only warehouse club that allows manufacturer coupons IN ADDITION to BJ's store coupons. Use our coupon database to see if any of these items have a current coupon.


Check out the FULL LIST of all the BEST Deals at BJ's Wholesale this week HERE. 


Organic Apples

Apples make it on the dirty dozen list. They are one item experts say to buy organic.  Luckily BJ's offers an affordable price compared to our local grocery stores, which makes this an intelligent BJs buy.  Purchase a five lb. bag of Gala organic apples for $7.49. That is just a $1.50/lb. You can see this price go lower when apples are in season.

Let's compare to Shoprite. Gala Organic apples are currently going for $1.99/lb.


Organic Butter

This has been my favorite butter to cook with. It always gives me great results as a baker. For $8.99 for 8 sticks of butter, it's a reasonable price. It is always a great option, in my opinion, to cook with real butter. Forget the fake stuff. Check out this article to back it up here.

Let's compare and take a look at the Organic Valley Butter at Walmart. a 1 lb. 4 ct pack is $5.64! Shopping BJ's store brand items is one way to save a ton of money at the club.


Organic Flour/Whole Wheat

Organic Flour and Whole Wheat flour have recently been added to BJ's Wholesale Club. I am so glad. King Arthur is my favorite flour to bake with, and I love making muffins and cookies, adding whole wheat flour. You can get a 10 lb. bag of King Arthur Whole Wheat flour for just $7.49.

Organic King Arthur Flour is $6.99 for 5 lbs.

Let's compare and look at Walmart's price. King Arthur Whole Wheat flour 5 lbs. for $5.10.  Walmart's Organic King Arthur Flour 2 lb. bag is $5.98.


Organic Frozen Fruit and Veggies for smoothies

Buying Frozen Fruits and veggies is a practical way to add healthier options at an affordable price. If you grab these at BJ's, it's an even better deal. Plus, you don't have to wait for coupons to roll around to get these prices. They are a bargain every day. You get 4 lbs for only $7.99.

Let's compare and take a look at Organic Broccoli Frozen at popular grocery store Shoprite. A 9 oz. Earthbound Farm Organic bag of frozen broccoli is $2.80


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great price at most warehouse clubs. BJ's is even better because they offer coupons on it once in a while. There are so many uses for Coconut oil other than just baking or cooking.  At a price of $14.99 for 54 oz.

Let's compare this to Amazon. Better Body Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is $19.99 for 56 oz. The most comparable out of other grocery stores to price.

Organic Lettuce

I have yet to see a better price on Organic lettuce than at warehouse clubs. I know that BJ's and Costco run the same price on Organic lettuce, which is super affordable.

BJ's brand Wellsley Farms has a 100% money-back guarantee. So if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Don't have the receipt? That's okay. They can look up your purchases with your membership card.

Grab a 16 oz container of Organic lettuce in various options for as low as $3.99 at BJ's.

Let's compare to Wegman's a popular grocery store on the east coast. The Wegman's brand of Organic Baby Romaine in a 5 oz container costs $2.49 That's $0.50 an ounce.  BJ's cost is $0.24 an ounce. Half the cost.

quaker-oats-bjs-wholesale-warehouse-club- smart buy


Oatmeal is a fantastic healthier option, especially in the winter months.  Adding whole-grain oats to your diet provides a good source of carbs and fiber. You can read all about the amazing health benefits here.

BJ's Wholesale offers an 80 oz. box ( 2 40 oz. bags inside) for $7.49. Coupons are frequently available, giving you extra savings of $2 off. Making it just $5.49.

Compare to Amazon at 18 oz for $2.48. That is $0.13/ounce, whereas BJ's is $0.09 an ounce. Amazon is closed again 🙂

In conclusion, BJ's is a great place to shop for healthier grocery items. I hope you consider signing up for our newsletter below to see all the fantastic ways to save at BJ's and beyond. What item would you add to our list of smart BJ's deals for healthier snacking?

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