11 Smart Tips for Buying Food in Bulk

Wondering if there is a trick to shop in bulk? Do you think you should really bother shopping at a warehouse club? Can you shop bulk online? When you think of bulk do you only see groceries?  This post explains how you can start shopping in bulk to save time and money on groceries and beyond. 

Bulk shopping what exactly is it? 

Bulk buying is described as the purchase at one time, and often at a reduced price, of a large quantity of a particular commodity.

When you shop at warehouse stores like Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's you are buying in large quantities.

Another place many of us are buying bulk items is Amazon. Today consumers want to purchase groceries online, better yet they want them delivered to their doorstep. According to CNBC online grocery shopping will take up 20 percent of the market. 

When I read articles that say American's aren't saving any money my heart goes out. The goal is we all need to have money saved for an emergency and retirement.

If you want to shop in bulk you need to do it the smart way. Do it in a way that will save you money. Don't fall for convenience if it means you are going to spend more money then you need to or have.

The key to living a life of financial success is to live below your means.

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If you decide you want to buy items in bulk because you heard it costs less, be careful. Every spending purchase should be thought out. The best way to know what items you need is to make a list. What are some items your family goes through in a week, a month?

Take a good look at your pantry and write down the things you are constantly running out of? Write down the items that you haven't used in three months or more.

Make a list and inventory of what you have and what you need.


Price comparing is even easier today with all the available apps for smartphones. You can easily find the best price for so many items. Check out this list of 30 apps to do just that. 

Always check the bulk price per ounce or pound with the packaged price per ounce. Remember that you aren't paying for packaging when you use your local stores bulk section.


BJ's is the warehouse club that always has the cheapest price, and part of that is because they are the only warehouse club to accept manufacturer coupons WITH BJ's store coupons.

Check out BJ's, Sam's and Costco Coupon Matchups Each Month Here.

Shopping at wholesale stores is easier and often times a great deal.  When you want items that your local grocery or specialty store doesn't offer in a large quantity a wholesale club is your next best option.

Many times memberships to these clubs are paid for by many of the steep discounts they offer throughout the year.



If you shop at Whole Foods take advantage of their bulk buying discount. You can save 10% on your purchase when you buy 15 lbs or more.  This discount is also available for their wine. Select store locations offer a bulk buying discount on meat. So be sure to ask your local store.

Check out this week's best buys at Whole Foods. 

Love Costco? We started a new Costco Blog here.


Buying in bulk doesn't have to be just about the groceries. Did you know you can get a bulk discount at Home Depot? Home Depot Pro members get a volume pricing discount.

If you are spending $1,500 or more you can save money. Select locations the minimum is $1,000. Check out more info here or talk with a Home Depot Pro associate at your local store.


Although 63 Sam's club locations are closing it still leaves plenty of warehouse stores open. Sam's offers members a discount on pallet quality items. These include chairs, tables, and drinks. Check it out here. 


You can find plenty of items in bulk on Amazon, but if you look in the Amazon warehouse you'll get a better deal. I highly recommend a Prime Membership. I still renew it every year even as a frugal farm girl!  

Amazon warehouse is a spot where you can purchase open-box and used products for a discount.  You can also trade your items as well.


I have found for me personally the best items to buy in bulk are usually my pantry items. Of course, when you have a particular event come up the other tips I have listed help to shop bulk.

I have a list of pantry items here that you should consider price comparing at your local grocery stores bulk section or the warehouse clubs. Remember when you purchase items in bulk you use less packaging bringing down the cost.


If you have a need there is a discount for it. Here's what Tractor Supply has to say about their program.

“Tractor Supply Co. offers volume discounts on agricultural, pet and livestock supplies, maintenance, clothing, fencing and more! Individuals, municipalities, organizations, farmers, fleet operators, pet agencies all can benefit.”


The worst thing is to get a super deal on something and it spoils before you use it all. Don't let that hard brown sugar see the trash can. Store all your bulk items in sealed containers. I personally love using mason jars. These containers on Amazon are perfect too.


If you have uniforms and equipment for whatever team it may be Dicks offers a volume discount and support place for you. Get the details here. 

I personally am a huge fan of buying larger quantities of items. That's kind of why I continue to run this website!

( Hint it features a ton of awesome deals at BJ's and online!)

What tips or stores would you add to the list to help us all save more money?

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