19 Things You Need to Know Before You Get a Membership at BJs

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19 things you need to know about Bjs before purchasing a membership

Wondering if BJ’s Wholesale Club is really the better deal? If the price comparisons surfing the web with BJ’s always being the winner hasn’t convinced you maybe these 19 perks I like to call them will.


Not to mention I run an entire website dedicated to the amazing deals and ways for us to get a great value at BJ’s for less 😉

Maybe you are a member and didn’t realize the many perks that come with your membership.

Interested in joining? Get a year membership for $40 PLUS a $25 BJs Gift Card ONLY here. 







Here are 19 Things you Need to Know Before You Get a Membership at BJ’s


BJ’s Photos

This is fairly new and you can even get photo prints by ordering online. They run special promotions of course and I always share the really good ones right here on the blog.



Pick Up and Pay

With all the store closings going on lately, BJ’s and many others have to amp up the convenience factor. You can order your goods online, non-perishables and pick up and pay in store.


Optometry and Hearing Services

That’s right I just picked up my contacts at BJ’s! They frequently run promotions all the time so be sure to take advantage of this when a decent sale is going on.  Right before the kiddos go back to school check to see if BJ’s can give you a better deal.



Gasoline Discount

You can get always get a discount price on your gas by being a BJ’s member. Plus they run promotions where you can score an extra $0.25/gallon of gas when you buy 2 select P&G products. The promotions change frequently but there are always ways to save more on your gas.  Another one is being a BJs perks rewards member. Which leads me to my next one…



My Perks Rewards Membership

You can save an additional $0.10 off a gallon of gas every time you use your BJs  Mastercard. PLUS you get 5% back on purchases. I have a complete breakdown and information of this type of membership that you can read here.



Verizon Wireless and Prepaid

When I wrote my popular 6 Little Known Ways to Save Money that Will Change Your Life post ( because they did change ours) I was still using my straight talk phone but NOW I have switched to Verizon prepaid at BJ’s. They have member only discounts you can’t get anywhere else. Plus the phones are affordable.



Geico Insurance Member Only Discount

If you are looking for a better home and auto insurance try Geico through BJ’s!



Direct TV Perks

That’s right if you still aren’t ready to cut the cable but need a better deal than cable members can get a better rate with Direct TV here. Currently, BJs members get a $200 gift card when they sign up.



Deli and Bakery Party Planning

If you haven’t checked out my review on the BJ’s party planning foods you will want to. I love everything about it. It’s affordable, saves you so much time and delicious. Everyone at our party loved the items.  Now you can order right online as well!  



Home Improvement

WOW! When I was just thinking how great it would be if BJ’s expanded into home improvement. How many of you realized this one? If DIY isn’t your thing this is a must check out for BJs Members.



Free Tech Advising

I am actually a little technically challenged which is crazy because I run this website. In the beginning of your stress do yourself a favor and just call someone for a quick hand. It’s free!



Auto Buying Program

This is a big feature in our latest member savings booklet. According to their website, you can save  $4,110 for a new car and is based on aggregated participating dealers’ price lists as compared to MSRP. You can also get a used car too.  Search for a new or used car here. 


Order Your Own Checks

You may think that checks are something of the past but this 30 something-year-old just had to go and get her some. Although they are not in high demand they still bring a convenience. Check out the discounts to order checks here. 



Card Processing for Business Owners

Own your own business? Need help with the many forms of payment available today?  According to their website ” BJ’s makes doing business easier by letting you take many kinds of payments — credit, check, cash, debit, gift cards, EMV® chip cards, mobile pay and more. All reliably and securely processed — with every transaction backed by First Data, the world’s leading payments processor.” Who knew!



Free Tire Services 

Let BJ’s maintain your tires.  For $15 installation per tire, you will get the following for the life of the tire-  rotation, balancing, flat repairs, and inflation check.



Shed Installation

This one surprised you right?  Delivery and installation are included in all the pricing you see for these sheds. PLUS there are some nice discounts just for My BJs Perks members.



BJ’s Travel Agent

That’s right let being a member give you a discount on your next vacation or travel plans. From flights to hotels and more, you can find really nice rates all over the country.


Discount Membership

If you plan on shopping for pretty much all your basic grocery, household and personal care items at BJ’s you will want to consider one of the rewards memberships. There is a membership available for $100 a year where you get 2% back on your purchases. If you are looking for a higher percentage back than you will have to check out the My BJs Perks Rewards card here. 

You can also get really cheap memberships by watching on Groupon– or through MyBJsWholesale link here– a $40-year membership with two household cards AND a $25 BJ’s Gift card- That’s like paying $15 for a year!


You Can Stack MULTIPLE Manufacturer coupons

BJs membership

What does that mean? Let’s say you want to buy a three pack of Dove Shampoo.  Each Bottle of Dove has a barcode on it. Totally three barcodes. BJ’s coupon policy allows ONE manufacturer coupon PER barcode. Then you can use a BJ’s Dove coupon WITH those manufacturer coupons.

I know getting excited? Check out my monthly coupon matchup list where I show you all those coupon stack deals! 


What would you share with someone who is thinking about purchasing a BJs membership?


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