How to Shop BJ’s Wholesale Based on Your Family Size

If you are a single person you probably wouldn’t consider a membership at a warehouse club.

Maybe if you live in a smaller place you think you won’t be able to store 30 rolls of toilet paper. Yet what if there were savings based on your family size? 

Beyond just my 10 must buy items at BJ’s Wholesale, there are ways to shop the club based on the size of your household. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Single person Household

In this article, you will learn how to shop BJ's Wholesale club based on your family size. Warehouse clubs are a great way to save money.


Gas is always cheaper in our area at BJ’s then all the other surrounding stations. Saving $0.20/gal of gas each time you fill up is a great perk for a single household. Plus they often run gas promotions and if you open a BJs credit card you save an extra 5¢/gal. every time you fill up


My husband is a craft beer kinda guy but he also is extremely frugal and he says beer makes the list. And it should – Here in New York Labatt Blue ends up being only $0.66 per bottle!

Rotisserie Chicken-

$4.99- If you are in our Facebook group you have seen our lengthy discussions on the rotisserie chicken. As a single household, you can make an entire week’s worth of meals out of this one.

TIP: Here are some recipes to use that chicken up.

Dog Food-

The thing I love about BJ’s is the price and quality of their own brand.  BJs sells their Berkley Jensen Nutrient Blend Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food, 44 lbs. for $31.99 and that is regular price. The club often offers coupons to give you more of a discount.

Comparision– Costco  Signature Adult Formula Lamb, Rice and Vegetable Dog Food 40 lb. for $42.99- that is $1.07 per pound.

BJ’s is $0.72 per pound!

Household Supplies-

Laundry Detergent is a bargain price at BJ’s. Again if you use the BJs brand you can get a 170 oz for $13.99! And it works well too. Paper towel, toilet paper are all great buys and BJ’s won best toilet paper for their brand of Toilet paper from Good Housekeeping. We switched from Scott to BJ's brand and it’s WAY softer and dissolves so fast which is perfect because we have a septic tank.


The price for Ground Beef and Chicken breasts are always cheaper then my local grocery stores and the quality is there. If you do not want 10 lbs of meat all you need to do is ask the butcher to give you a smaller cut. A benefit of BJ’s is you can have your meats cut to whatever size you like. No waste and you still pay the low price of $1.69/lb for chicken breasts!

TIP: Join BJ’s for 3 months for only $5 and get all the member benefits. OR split a membership with a friend. Use my referral link here and pay $55 for the year plus receive a $35 BJs gift card..

2 Person Household

In this article, you will learn how to shop BJ's Wholesale club based on your family size. Warehouse clubs are a great way to save money.

Again all of the above and then…

Date Night Savings- 

BJ's is the perfect spot for the couple who wants a date night for less. They offer Dinner and a movie discount gift cards and plenty of discounts on Gift cards for restaurants movies, spa places and more.

Tip- Black Friday you can get a $25 Applebees Gift Card for only $18.99!

Baking Items

Flour, Spices, Sugar all are steals for any size household.  

3-5 Person Household

In this article, you will learn how to shop BJ's Wholesale club based on your family size. Warehouse clubs are a great way to save money.


I price compared organic to our local grocery store, Aldi and BJ’s. BJ’s always came out cheaper. Aldi was very close but their selection of organic is limited. BJ’s continues to carry a wide selection of organic items plus they offer new coupons every two-four weeks.

TIP- BJ's is the ONLY warehouse club to accept manufacturer coupons WITH BJ's store coupons.

Multipack snacks for lunches-

If you have kids in school the multipack snacks at BJs are a deal. Not only do you have the convenience of just grabbing and filling lunchboxes the price is actually cheaper when we have a coupon than to buy a whole bag and package them yourself. You can read my review of this finding here.


They are by far cheaper than Target, Walmart, and even Amazon.  For example, you can score Vitafusion MultiVites Adult's Chewable Gummy Multivitamin Dietary Supplement, 250 ct. For $10.99- and if you have a manufacturer coupon you can use that too! Something Costco doesn’t offer 😉


 This has to make the list again because BJ’s prices are awesome. I even did a price comparison of meats at BJs to Aldi ( I was a big Aldi shopper)  You can always freeze the leftovers.

6 or More Person Household

In this article, you will learn how to shop BJ's Wholesale club based on your family size. Warehouse clubs are a great way to save money.

Warehouse clubs for a larger family size is all about convenience. You will probably feel relieved if you do not have to go shopping multiple times a week or if you can get away with only shopping every two weeks, or even once a month!

TIP: Check out our printables and article on how to shop once a month at warehouse clubs here

Paper products –

This is a must buy because of the BJ’s brand on toilet paper, paper towels, napkins are huge savings. And again BJs did win the best toilet paper by Good Housekeeping 🙂


Nothing worse than buying a container of strawberries and they are gone in an hour. Produce prices are reasonable at BJs and you can use coupons. BJs has been offering more of their store coupons on produce and you can use apps like Checkout 51 and Ibotta for extra savings.

Organic Frozen Veggies-

You can get 4 lbs of organic frozen veggies at BJs right now for $3.99! This will last your family a couple meals. The price can’t be beaten on this one.

Tip: Avoid Cereal- You can get awesome deals with coupons at many other grocery stores on this item. Use our search tool to find the best deals here.

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