Should You Really Chose Costco Over BJs for The Generous Return Policy?

Should You Really Chose Costco Over BJs for The Generous Return Policy_

Last year 2017 BJ's  Wholesale changed their return policy. I was a bit surprised for some of the negative feedback in our private Facebook group here from members. They thought it was crazy for BJs to not accept items that were older than a YEAR!

The immediate response from those who were upset was something like this. “Costco's return policy is so much better.” I'm switching to Costco because of their return policy now.”


I was thinking a YEAR?! Who returns something a year later?! Costco's return policy is quite gracious. You can pretty much return anything to Costco you purchased for any reason any time- with the exception of electronics. Electronics you have 90 days to return for a refund at Costco.

BJ's used to have a very flexible return policy. Even though it stated 90 days on electronics you would find many stores accepting electronics past that time.  Today they have expanded their return policy in more detail here.

There were members of our Facebook group who quickly said” About time.” One person commented it was awful to see someone return a mattress that was FOUR years old.

This is the same talk you can find on Reddit about Costco returns. People are returning things like mattresses after being used for years.

When you look at Costco's return policy it's shorter than BJ's.  At first glance, you may think they are similar because of the 90-day return on electronics, but you will find on Costco's return policy there isn't anything specific stated for non-electronic items.

How Can They Profit?

From a business standpoint wouldn't we agree a return policy like that cannot be profitable?

Costco holds themselves to a bit of dignity with the manager's discretion system. Let's say a member is bringing in clothes there were worn and three years old ( yes this happens) each store manager has the right to cancel a  membership. If a store manager sees numerous returns that are long overdue, they can cancel the membership.

Yet, how can there be so many Reddit threads of many people still returning items like four-year-old whirlpool washer, an empty bottle of wine,  sneakers and more?


Costco Wants New Members

Is Costco hoping a generous return policy like the one in place will bring in new members?

It may just look at the results I shared from my own Facebook group, where people were upset to BJs cracking down on their 90-day return policy. You should know if something is working correctly, doesn't fit right, or tastes terrible in 90 days.

Is media attention for Costco's return policy helping those who won't abuse it? Perhaps, look at how this woman returned a  Christmas Tree to Costco on Jan. 4th because it was dead. Proof here. 

For those who need more laughter check out the Reddit discussion: For Costco Employees: What's the most outrageous item that was returned at Costco? And what was the result? here. 

Of course, all of those comments could be false, it is the internet after all. A quick google search about the news with Costco's return policy has us assuming, a lot of this is for real.

If the Christmas tree gets your blood pressure rising you may want to skip out on the discussions for Reddit. An easier place to have a discussion is on our Facebook group if interested here. 

As a member myself shopping at BJs for over 10 years I'm extremely happy with the return policy. We had to return a TV once to BJs and had great success. Our story is here. I love the BJ's brand Berkley Jensen has a 100% money back guarantee on it.

If you hate an item bring it back sooner rather then later right to get your refund. We as the consumers have to understand brands who have a return policy like this if you aren't satisfied truly want to please the customer right?

I would like to believe that mega-corporations do not believe more of their products will sell because they have a great money back guarantee, but because they believe in the satisfaction the product brings to us- the consumer.

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If drinking a bottle of wine and returning it is your thing, you are much better off paying the more expensive membership deal at Costco and overpaying for items that are deeply discounted already at BJs Wholesale club.


Before you go, if you are new here be sure to check our FAQ page to shopping and couponing at BJs- another thing Costco doesn't offer- manufacturer coupons! 




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What are your thoughts on Costco and/or BJ's Return Policy?

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