Price of Breyers Ice Cream Increases at BJs

Breyer's Ice cream was always my go to in the summer at BJs. Their ice cream price without a coupon was usually the best deal. If we had a BJs Bryer's Ice cream coupon to pair it was a steal. 

I was sad to see a price increase the other day when I made a special trip to get ice cream for a birthday party.

The price of Ice cream at BJs for Bryer's is now $4.29

Is the container bigger?

 Let's compare.

I know for some a $0.30 price increase really isn't that big of a deal. I suppose. 

breyers ice cream bjs price

When you are a frugal saver/spender every PENNY COUNTS! It's disappointing to see prices increase at a place you have to pay to shop, you know when the package size hasn't increased.

At $3.99 it was 64 ounces. Today at $4.29 its 64 ounces. 

I know there was chatter in our Facebook couponing group about some other items increasing the price when there was a coupon. I know this is a common practice and it makes me mad as a consumer.

Target does it all the time with their gift card promos.

The good thing is it still usually works out to a better price than the regular price without coupons.

Maybe it is just the fact companies think they can do whatever they want and we won't care?

Let me know if Breyer's Ice cream increased in price at your club?

And what other items have you noticed increasing at BJs or any other store for that matter?

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