The Secret to Renew Your BJs Membership for $35

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I’ve been a BJs member for over ten years. As a member, I’m a little disappointed they aren’t giving us better discounts on a renewal membership.

But BJ’s Wholesale club has heard their members and for that I am very excited about.

I know I’m not alone. Almost ALL of the members of our Facebook group constantly wish there was a BJs renewal discount.

bjs renew coupons

Today you can renew your membership for a deal.

Here’s How Current Members Can Get a BJ’s Membership Discount

I was excited to see the newest BJ’s coupon book with a $35 BJs Renewal Membership offer.

*Please note not all BJs books are going to have this deal.

All you need to do is wait for your BJ’s member savings book to arrive this month and take that coupon into your local BJs Wholesale club.

This offer is only good until 11/23/19.

If your BJ’s membership is not up yet, that’s okay. You can renew it for $35 with this deal and it will add on 12 months from the date your membership expires.

You can find your BJs membership expiration date at the top of your BJ’s receipt.

For example, out membership is up in Feb. when I bring this coupon in to renew for $35 I will add on 12 months from Feb.

How exciting is this BJs members?!

*Don’t Have a BJs Membership? Grab a $25 BJs membership through our online link here. (No need to head into the club to get the deal)

You will pay $35 out of pocket for the year. There will be tax as well.  The regular membership is $55.

HEADS UP- when you sign up for a membership through this discount or any site online or even in-club they now have automatic renewal. This means you will automatically be renewed for another year when your membership expires at full price. If you don’t want that you will have to CANCEL it on your own before your membership expires.

When they auto-renew your BJs membership you will pay the full $55 price.

AND you can win a BJs gift card weekly on our blog through here. 

For $35 a year that’s like paying $2.92 a MONTH! With all the deals we find at the club it’s well worth it.

If you have any questions or need help let us know here. 

Check out BJs Monthly Coupon Book Scans & Matchups ( ones sent to you) Here

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Will you be renewing this way?

Let us know how excited you are about this BJ’s renewal discount.

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MyBJsWholesale may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

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