BJ’s Wholesale Club Members Can Save 50¢ Gal of Gas in August

Are you looking to save some money on gas this month? BJs Wholesale Club has you covered! When you spend $100 in a club or with a curbside pickup order between August 4th and September 5, 2022. , you’ll save 50¢ off a gallon of gas at participating BJ’s Gas locations.

For the rest of August and a few days into September, BJ’s Wholesale Club members can get a discounted price on gas.

As I type this up, the national average price for gas is Regular unleaded: $4.49. Here in Western NY, ours is $3.99.

There is no required minimum price for the earned fuel discount. You must fill up gas the same day you spend $100.

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BJ's new gas discount for august 2022

This gas savings promotion is not valid on same-day delivery. If you haven’t tried Instacart with BJs (same-day delivery), check out my review on my personal experience here.

You can score additional gas saving with the BJ’s Fuel Savers program. When you see an eligible item in-store, it will have a little gas pump like the image below. This lets BJ’s members know it is an eligible fuel saver item.

The maximum amount is 30 gallons per redemption and/or $100 total. After that, your earned fuel discount will be reset to zero and any remaining discount balance will be forfeited after each use at the pump.

The gas discount may not appear at the pump for 15 minutes after you checkout. You can only earn this offer ONCE PER DAY. But you can do this discount multiple times throughout the promotion period of August 4, – September 5th, 2022.

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What do the Fuel Saver Icons Look Like in Store and Online?

bjs high octane gas symbol

The image above shows you what it looks like to find an eligible gas discount item. This means the item will save you 10¢ off a gallon of gas at the pump.

There is no limit on how many fuel saver items you can buy. That means you could work your way up to a $1 off a gallon of gas.

When you browse online and come across the coupons section, you will see a little gas pump icon like this.

We call that coupon stacking when you see multiple BJ's coupons like this. BJ's Wholesale Club is the only warehouse club to accept manufacturer coupons. We share all the couponing deals at BJ's daily on our homepage HERE.

bjs high octane gas image in coupon book
This image shows what the Fuel Saver items look like in BJ's Coupon Books

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BJ's members will have 21 days to use the 75¢ gas discount. After that fuel purchases are subject to a required minimum price of 2¢/gal, and redemption of the discount is capped at the fuel cost per gallon less than 2¢/gal to the time of redemption.

Once you use your earned fuel discount, your balance will be zero. Most gas stations are higher than BJ's gas stations in our area.

BJ's gas deal will earn you 75¢ off a gallon of gas at the gas pumps when you buy four qualifying items on one transaction between May 17- June 15th.

How to Find Your Gas Discount at BJ's

You can find your gas savings on the BJs website under your account. This chart will show you the gallon discount and the earned date.

  • Sign in to your online account and hit My account.
  • Go down to Savings & Awards. Then you can tap the Fuel tab to see your current and upcoming total discounts.

You can also find the nearest BJ's gas station using the BJs app or website.

At the top of the BJ's Wholesale club app are the BJ's gas prices. When you tap the gas price, you can search other area bj's gas locations to find the best deals.

Whenever I compare BJ's gas prices to regular gas stations, I find BJ's wholesale club is about 10¢ cheaper before any of the promotional discounts.

How to Score the 50¢/gal of Gas Discount

Head to your nearest BJ's wholesale club and shop or choose to do a pickup order and purchase $100 worth of items. Spend a minimum of $100 after discount and awards and before taxes.

Check out and head over to your nearest BJs gas station. It can take up to 15 minutes for the gas discount to appear at the gas pump.

There are usually two lanes to come from each side. You can pull up to a BJ's gas pump on the same side as your fuel tank – but if there isn't a spot open, you can use the extra-long hoes to pull around to the other side of your vehicle to fill up.

You must scan your BJ's membership card before using your credit/debit card. Then, after you insert your payment card, The gas station will show the gallon discount price on the screen. I always look at the current gas price to ensure my discounts were taken off at the pump.

Then fill up your tank and enjoy the savings.

What are BJ's Gas Hours?

BJ's station hours of operation are Monday-Saturday, 6:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sundays, 6:30 am – 7:00 p.m.

BJs Gas Promo hours

What if my gas savings don't show up at the gas station?

Please note that it may take up to fifteen minutes from when you check out for your discounted BJ's gas prices to show up.

In my own experience, from the time I check out, wait in line, and load items into my car, my gas discount shows up.

The lines seem to be longer at BJ's gas stations because everyone wants to save on the higher gas prices.

If you plan to bring an extra gallon or two to fill up, make sure it is an approved fuel container. You can get a better deal when you stack this gas deal with the BJ's Fuel savers program.

What counts as a qualifying item?


BJ's latest gas promotion list for august 2022

You can view ALL the eligible items ONLINE HERE.

Let us know how you are saving money this month at BJ's Wholesale club?

BJ's Gas Savings Questions

Do you have to have a BJ's membership to get gas?

Yes you do.

How does a member qualify?

Offer valid 8/4/22 – 9/5/22. First spend $100+ in one transaction (after discounts and awards, but before taxes) in-club at BJ’s or through BJ’s buy online, pick up in-club/curbside only, then save 50¢/gal. on your same-day fuel purchase at BJ’s Gas® ($99.00 or 30 gal. maximum, whichever comes first).

Can you qualify if you spend $100 on Instacart or purchases?

No, the offer is only valid on in-club at BJ’s or through BJ’s buy online, pick up in-club/curbside purchases.

How long do you have to use the 50¢ per gallon savings?

Gas savings earned from this promotion must be used same day. Discount may not appear at pump for 15 minutes from checkout.

Will these gas savings stack with other gas programs?

Yes, savings will stack along with fuel saver and cobrand programs.
The final price of gas must be $0.02 per gallon or more. The discount will max out at $0.02 price per gallon.

Can you qualify more than once?

Yes. Members can use the promotion multiple times from 8/4 – 9/5. However, 50¢ savings must still be used same day, and the offer can only be earned once per day, per membership. Supplemental memberships excluded.

Can a business member qualify?


Is there a gallon and/or spend limit?

Yes. Maximum quantity is 30 gallons per redemption or $99 total, whichever comes first.

Do you need to use the same membership card to redeem savings?

Membership and payment card must be scanned/swiped at pump for discount to be applied.

Can the discount be used on any type of fuel?

Yes. All fuel types qualify (where available).

A member shops at a club without a gas station. Where can they find a location near them?

Visit or use the BJ’s app to find a gas station nearest you.

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