Here’s Why The Secondary Person Won’t Get Gas Savings at BJs

Ever since BJs launched the new High Octane Gas promo, it's easier than ever to save on a gas fill-up. This is because of their purchase discount and 10¢ off per gallon for any high octane item purchased; members can't seem to get enough!

However, there has been an issue where secondary club members weren't able to redeem those savings until now: with this latest promotion they are finally able to– at least if you have them as your primary member cardholder.


If you aren't familiar with BJs new gas promo, they now allow members to accumulate gas savings throughout the month. The catch is you need to use those gas savings by the last day of each month.

Here's a question brought to my attention.

“Can the secondary person earn gas savings or only the primary?”

And the answer is you can only redeem the gas savings on your own membership card unless you do the following.

For example, if you buy three items off the High Octane Gas list on Oct. 4th, you will save 30¢/gal of gas. Those gas savings are tied to your unique membership number. You can leave that day and choose to fill up on Oct. 15th, and you will be able to save 30¢/gal of gas.

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Let's say your husband goes to BJs and buys two more high octane gas items and wants to get gas that day. He is now saving 20¢ off a gallon of gas, but he isn't the primary.

When he goes to fill up, he'll only have the option for the 20¢ off, not the total amount per household of 50¢/gal.

If this frustrates you like it did me and others, there is good news.

I had a popup the other day when I signed into the site and made a purchase. The popup told me the primary member on our account needs to go to our local BJs club and pick up a new membership card, so everything is linked together.

It confirmed you would join our accounts, and all savings will be on one account.

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If you do not see your awards shared from a BJs perks card, you can add that option at in your account or through the app.

bjs awards online

You would hit access account. Then rewards. Be sure the box is checked to Share Awards with Household Member.

If you are wondering how to get your gas savings linked or having issues, head to your local BJs Wholesale club and bring up the issue and have the primary member get a new card.

If you want to save even more on your gas at BJs, check out the pros and cons of a My BJs perks membership here.

If you work for BJs and have an opinion on this, please use the comment form below.

Let me know what issues you are running into at BJs in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.


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