5 Reasons To Get a BJ’s Membership in 2020

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With a new year, it’s common for all of us to take a look at our finances, from a glance. We want to find easy ways to save money. Let me tell you I’ve been running a personal finance blog for a couple years now, and you can save a TON of money, if you put a lot of work into it. If you want to save money in an easy way, joining BJ’s is one of those.

And for my skeptics or the ones who really want to know both sides of the savings coin, I’m including four reasons you may not want to join BJs too.

Let’s get to it.

#1 Reason It’s Cheap

You can’t say the BJ’s membership cost is expensive, because friends it’s not. When you go through my link here, you will pay $25 for one FULL year. That is $2.08 PER month.

Ask yourself how much you are paying for all your streaming channels? Your extras on your Prime account? If you want to save money on groceries, and household items without a ton of effort, shopping wholesale clubs is the way to go.

The $25 BJ’s membership is always cheaper than Costco’s, and we won’t get into details on that. I will tell you I LOVE Costco, so much I started a Costco blog a few months ago here.

You can get a Costco membership deal through my link, but you still pay $60 out of pocket. (The Costco membership deal includes shop cards with your purchase).

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Clearance/Discontinued Items

They have so many clearance items that get marked 50% less than retail value. I bought a dinner serving ware for only $7.48, a stand-alone hammock for $29– retail $69, rugs and pillows that were marked down 75% and the clearance never ends!

If I just looked at my clearance purchases that alone pays for my membership.

Coupons/Cashback Apps

BJ’s is the ONLY warehouse club to accept manufacturer coupons. PLUS through Checkout 51 app you can save an additional $5 or $10 on your membership and they have exclusive savings on products just at BJ’s!

When you stack manufacturer coupons with BJ’s coupons like I do monthly in my matchup list here, you will save more than your $25 membership fee.

Savings on Gas Add Up

With the launch of BJ’s new gas promo in 2019, called High Octane, it’s incredibly easy to get super cheap gas. Here in Western New York ( Rochester specifally) gas is always cheaper at BJ’s then the local gas stations.

Now with the High Octane Gas promo I’m almost always saving at least 30 or 40 cents off a gallon just from buying items that qualify. It’s really simple to do. Here is the lastest gas promo with coupons and how it works.

Super Cheap BJ’s Brand Items

I have said before how being brand loyal is a fast way to break the budget. Many others agree that if you shop the brand that is the best buy you save money. BJ’s own store brand is a great quality and a bargain. Check out what some of our Facebook fans said.

You can read my reviews on BJs brand items here.

Jessica– “I try to not be too brand loyal and buy what has coupons at that time. I have 2 toddlers and do a lot of my shopping at BJs, so the reward membership with the credit card gives me a ton of money back. Plus, you save an extra 10 cents on the already lowest gas prices around. Then throw in manufacturers’ coupons and rebate apps for extra money back.”

Barry– “If you have a baby, just diapers, wipes, and formula makes your money back and then some.”

Brenda- ” I always buy my membership with a friend or family member since you can get two cards. We split the cost of the membership.”

Agnes- “Organic section, cold-cuts, laundry items, gas- pretty much everything they sell can help you save if you compare the prices to grocery stores.”

Now let me tell you four reasons you may not want to get a BJ’s Membership this year.

Not Many Locations

The truth is, BJ’s is nothing like Costco when it comes to how many stores they have. BJ’s is limited to the east coast in the US only. If there isn’t one close enough to you, it may not make the membership cost worth it.

You Can’t Price Match

If you love price Matching at places like Target, to online pricing, this isn’t an option with BJs. BJ’s won’t even price match to their own website.

Clipping Coupons

As much as many of us love saving with coupons, if you hate clipping coupons in a booklet or online, you may not want to shop BJs. Most of their sale prices are found when you clip a BJs coupon.


When you start buying a box of granola bars, cereal, chips, and fruits and veggies it fills up quickly. Everything is much bigger at BJ’s Wholesale club. If you have limited space, it may not be the best option for you as far as strictly grocery shopping.

Share with us, why you love BJs or hate it? Will you be joining me at the club this year?!

MyBJsWholesale may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here.

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