How to Shop BJ’s During Quarantine

Have you gone out to BJ's lately? Probably not as often as you used to with the Coronavirus outbreak.

I've been shopping a few times during this and am sharing my tips with you below.

I've also taken what others have shared with us about their BJ's trip in our Facebook group too.

If you are unsure about shopping at BJs, and want specific details for your location join our Facebook group here.

If you missed my Facebook Live after I shopped at BJs two weeks ago watch it on Youtube here.


The first thing is you won't be needing coupons anymore. We won't be seeing a BJ's coupon in our mailbox right now either. During this time and until further notice BJs has stopped taking all paper coupons.

This means the items in the BJs booklet we normally get our now instant savings. Many of us who shop Costco, love this idea.

I have no idea if it will stick or not. Only time can tell.

Read more about that here.

In New York State- we are required to wear a face mask. My husband and I went to BJ's on April 19th. ( I did a Facebook live two weeks before this of how my experience was too).

We saw a few people in the store with a face mask around their neck and not on. This will vary depending on your state, but I would recommend going in with one. Why not?


In many stores you enter in one way and exit in the other way. Before BJ's had two doors on each side of the building you could enter and exit. This is something Costco and Sam's have always done.

But for BJ's shoppers this is different. You go in one door grab a carry and exit through the other door.

There are BJ's employees offering wipes for your cart. There was also a hand washing station at the exit, this was new since we went two weeks ago.

I wish I brought my phone to take pictures but I didn't.

More BJs Stuff:


I'm thinking maybe because we went on a Sunday, shelves were empty. I also thought it was a wholesale club thing. We went to our local Tops grocery store to grab a couple things BJs didn't have. Tops was out of the same items at BJs.

Here is what was completely gone at BJs and Tops- lettuce, lots of produce was short. Bananas hardly any. The ones left were very brown.

Frozen meats empty.

Frozen pizzas had a few more than last time I went, but not enough. Again the same frozen french fries and such were only the BJs brand of french fries and tater tots. Which by the way the BJs brand tater tots are delicious, especially in the Ninja Foodi.

Fresh chicken- there wasn't any. There was more red meat, but not like normal. Still lots of hot dogs of course. Others have reported in different states in our group it's hard to find fresh meat.

Our BJ's that day only had Charmin Toilet paper. No Lysol wipes are cleaning products from Lysol or Clorox were on the shelves.

Eggs were completely empty.

The only cheese left was Cracker Barrel. One thing of sour cream left. Needless to say all dairy items were NOT full. Lots of yogurts were gone.


If you are planning on shopping at BJs, see if it is possible to go early morning during the week. Weekends are still busier than weekdays.

If you are a senior take advantage of the senior hours at BJs. Remember first responders and health care workers have special shopping times Sunday morning and no membership needed.

Renew or grab a BJs membership online so you don't have to mess around in the store as long. Or wait in a long line.

Did you See These?!

Consider Shopping Online & Picking up in Store

This is an option if you have non perishable items verses using Instacart. The reason I say to avoid Instacart right now is how backed up they are. And when an item isn't available you may still get charged for it, or replaced with something you don't want.

If you haven't used BJs pick up and pay, you can learn how here.

Otherwise you can shop and have items shipped to your home.

You can read my Instacart review here and see a lot of the comments people who have used it during this crazy time have to say.

If you are unable to go into BJs and have to use Instacart, consider shopping a different store.

Wait times are long, like weeks out.

Try your local grocery store. Walmart and Target both bring out to your car. In our area Tops, and Wegmans you can order online and have the groceries brought to your car as well.

Amazon is putting essential items as a priority to be shipped. That's a good option too.


My last tip during this time, is try to use what you already have. Not only is it frustrating shopping and so many items are sold out, but it's unsettling. It was bizarre to see so many signs up around BJs and Tops, about social distancing. Even weirder to hear announcements being made about social distancing and such.

Seeing everyone wearing masks, and the fear of the unknown.

I've shared all my best tips on how to live off your pantry and more here for you.

At BJs some were bringing in their own bags, so I'm pretty sure it is still being allowed. Again in New York state plastic bags are banned. At tops they only option for bags was paper bags at 5 cents a pop.

We've been loading our stuff up from BJs in the back of the car not into bags. And then I've been using the wipes at the stores for your shopping cart to wipe down the groceries.

I can't wait for this to be all over, and I'm sure you can't either. I want to get into the store and shop for deals, and see new items to share with you. I want the fear to be gone. The unknowns.

I do know this is making us stronger together. I know we are learning so much about our character strength and our family. Each day I'm trying to look at the blessings and the positive things. And not letting my thoughts spiral into the future.

Stay safe friends.

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Share your tips for shopping at BJs during this time below?

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