BJ’s Wholesale Accepting Paper Coupons Again

Big news for us BJ’s shopppers. Over the past few months our shopping habits have changed. Couponers were taken back with the recent change at BJs not allowing any paper coupons. BJs coupons or manufacturer coupons.

bjs in club coupons

BJ’s stepped up their game and offered all their store coupons as digital coupons and some still being clipless. Before the switch they gave members a tease and had all BJs coupons as instant savings- much like their rival- Costco.

For a few weeks those of us who were shopping at BJs were ecstatic. Others were excited but didn’t even get the chance to experience it.

Were you one of those?

Here’s what shopping during quarantine was like at BJs.

new revlon printable coupons

When they took that option away and did all digital there was a lot of confusion. We all wished they would make it easy on us and offer instant savings.

Here’s how to use digital coupons at BJs and tell which ones are manufacturer .

Or at least a clip all button for those digital coupons. For those who are new to the blog I shop in the Western New York area.

I was in our local BJs in Batavia, at self-checkout. It feels like every time I’m in self checkout there, someone behind me doesn’t understand about the digital coupons. Or someone is saying how do I access them.

I’m sure this was an issue at many BJ’s Wholesale clubs. I overheard the BJ’s employee tell the member they could bring their physical coupons to an actual cashier and they would accept them.

It’s been reported now by others in our Facebook group and on Instagram that their BJs stores are accepting paper coupons again.

I had to ask her about that. I needed to make sure I heard her right. She said yes cashiers will take paper coupons. I asked if this was at all BJ’s clubs. She said she has no idea but confirmed it was the case at the Batavia NY store.

It’s worth checking to see if your BJs is doing this if you are struggling with digital BJs coupons.

Or it is a sign that things will go back to normal soon.

Either way digital or paper there are still ways to save even more when you shop at BJs. If you are new to the digital couponing be sure to read these three amazing tips you must know. ( Like the one about using a digital coupon more than once!)

If you are curious what the best coupon deals at BJs are this month check out the list here.

Otherwise we share lots of online and clearance deals at BJs on the website here.

Let us know if you have heard anything like this at your local club and what location you shop at.

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