Is This the Best Cauliflower Pizza Crust out There?

Maybe you are following a Keto diet, or trying to cut back carbs or increase your daily veggie portions, and a cauliflower crust is on your radar.

For BJ’s members I spotted this new cauliflower pizza kit at our clubs in Rochester, NY.

I did a review on the regular Molinaro’s pizza kit here. You can watch the quick video below too.

We love this brand and really enjoyed their pizza kit. When I saw the cauliflower one I knew I had to try it.

Molinaros Cauliflower Pizza Kit

Big disclaimer- this is not a sponsored post, and I haven’t tried any other cauliflower pizza crusts.

I’m a mom who usually makes her own pizza dough or orders from our local pizza place. I love a good pizza, and frozen pizza usually isn’t worth the taste for us New Yorkers- unless it’s been a day from you know where.

With that in mind here’s what my family of four thought of this cauliflower pizza kit.

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Here is what the crust looks like before it is cooked. I highly recommend getting or using a pizza pan with holes.

cauliflower pizza crust review

Here is the back of the crust.

I decided to make a breakfast pizza with this crust. I was hesitant if my kids would pick up on the crust if it was a traditional pizza. The other crust I will try it as traditional pizza with sauce and mozzarella cheese.

The breakfast pizza was delicious.

The kids thought it was fine. Not their favorite! But this was their first time having a breakfast pizza so who knows. They didn’t make and squawks about the crust- so that’s a win for me.

I got a pack of different EVOOs at BJs a few months back and used this one for the crust. I haven’t seen it since then either.

I added a blend of cheddar and Monterery jack cheese.

I scrambled up six eggs and left them slightly underdone so they could cook more on the pizza.

I added diced up red onions and cooked some bacon in my Ninja Foodi to add to the top.

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Maybe I went overboard with cheese huh?

Oh I love bacon! One of my favorite packs of bacon from BJs is the BJs microwave brand.

I loved the crust and besides it having a chewier texture I would have thought it was just a thinner type of crust.

I used a lot of oil on the crust- and that might have given it a softer chewy texture.

It was pretty darn tasty. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

With all our chickens running around we always a extra eggs and this was a great way to use them.

The flavor overall was awesome. Even my husband who usually doesn’t care for the cauliflower stuff liked it.

Another nice touch- 2 slices are about 24 g. of carbs.

I recommend this pizza kit in the regular crust and the cauliflower. If you have tried it please share in the comments below?

Have you tried these?

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