7 of the Best Things I Bought at BJs in 2020

Another year down of shopping at BJ's Wholesale club and beyond. Last year I did a post like this and it was fun and started up some great conversations.

2020 was quite a year, but when I look back there were a ton of good moments. It was adjusting to all the changes and the information and balancing everything that became a challenge.

BJ's still had some amazing deals throughout the year. We saw BJ's change a few things as well. For us couponers physical paper coupons were eliminated for a few months, and now with the push of more digital we have experienced BJ's coupon stacking in a whole new easier way.

BJ's also closed a couple stores in 2020 too. BUT overall BJ's is adapting and giving members things they want- like contactless curbside pickup.

If you are not sure what that means check out my video here.

Let's get to the roundup of my favorite things I bought at BJ's this year. I would love to hear your top buys from BJ's this year in the comments below.

Looking back at my favorite things I bought at BJs in 2020.

dearfoams holiday slippers

Dearfoam Slippers

It's a little past the holidays now, BUT this was my first pair of slippers from this brand Dearfoam and I love them! They brought a smile to my face every time I put them on.

And now they are on clearance if you are lucky to find any left. I highly recommend this brand super warm and comfy.

Be sure to follow me on TIKTOK as I plan to really spend a lot of time in 2021 over there.


Wellsley Farms Marinara

I grow about 20+ tomato plants every year for canning my own sauces and such. Yet I LOVE this marinara. My kids love it too. When we are out of sauce this is our go to. You can grab yours here.

Of course the price is affordable as well being one of BJs own brands. Have you tried it yet? It makes for a delicious meatball sub using BJs own brand frozen meatballs too.

Wellsley Farms Cookies & Cream Bars

Huge hit here in our household. Even better the ingredients aren't that terrible. Made with yogurt is always a plus. Everyone in our family loves these. The price is awesome too a big box for only $9.99. The only problem is I have found these at only one of our BJs clubs in the area.

Grab yours here.

If you are new to shopping at BJs and curious what some of the BEST Things to always buy for quality and price check out this article HERE.

loreal mascara and eyeliner

L'Oreal Paris Mascara and Eyeliner

This quickly became my favorite mascara. The eyeliner is good too, but I find black is just too much for me. I stick with a pewter eyeliner. BUT I discovered this mascara at BJs and am a huge fan. For a price comparison Target sells one tube of mascara for $6.89! The eyeliner at Target is $7.59.

This pack is $14.99 and you can grab it here.

A Zipline!

This was a bunch of fun this summer, since we were pretty much stuck at home all year. We have a great spot out in our back woods for it and the kids had a blast. You can check out my first attempt on it in the Tiktok Video below.

The one we bought isn't available at BJs anymore. We did post it here. BUT there is an American Ninja Warrior one available on their website here.

bj's fresh made meals

BJ's Fresh Made Meals

This is still a welcome meal to take a night off from cooking. My favorite is still the Pot Pie, BUT the chicken wings were a hit this year. You can check out my review of all six of the new BJs fresh made meals review here.

If you are curious about other BJ's Items I have in our house check out the Youtube video below. It was a bored in the house quarantine video 🙂

Exercise Bike

I saved the best for last.

Can anyone else relate to weight gain this year? 2020 was the year I weighed the same amount after having my girls! UGHH but you know what, I really wasn't as active, and ate way to many sweets due to stress. I was usually always going to BJs once or twice a week, and even that was giving me more exercise. There was a period of time I was going once a month.

Anyways my under desk elliptical wasn't being used property. By that I mean I wasn't using it. It just doesn't give me a workout feel. I was doing a spin class and well we know what happened with gyms.

Then I saw this bike at BJs. It is the As seen on TV Slim Cycle bike. Original price was $139.99 and I got it on sale and was super excited. It's little and lightweight. I can pull it out and get a workout in while I watch TV. Because most of the time I need some kind o motivation or I just don't do it.

It's been awesome and I'm really excited to use it more this winter. I did a video of it here ( scroll to end) because it was one of our 20 days of giveaway.

You can get one here. It's also on Amazon for a bit more money.

There were plenty of other things I enjoyed this year from BJs, but these are the new big ones I had to share with all of you.

Let us know in the comments below some of your best purchases from BJs in 2020?

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