3 Things You May Not Know About BJ’s Digital Coupons

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As a BJ’s shopper we’ve had to adjust over the years when it comes to how we get deals. Back in early 2019, BJ’s announced the end of multiple manufacturer coupons on items.

It was at that point I wondered how I could still shared good deals at BJs. Would this blog even be helpful? Would people still want to check it out?

Even with BJ’s allowing one manufacturer coupon per item, with a BJ’s coupon it makes for a deal.

The the past few months we had the sweet taste of what it was like for Costco shoppers.

To go in and get the sale price on everything that is shown in your Costco booklet.

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It only lasted a few weeks and BJ’s snapped that option right out from under us. And implemented all digital coupons.

Whether you hate using digital coupons or love it, I’ve got three new tips I’ve recently discovered about BJs digital coupons.

If you have no idea how digital coupons work go check out the post here first.

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how to redeem bjs online coupons

Manufacturer Coupons

The first thing is that there are manufacturer coupons in the BJs app or on desktop when you search for BJs coupons. Not all. And none of the ones you find in the newspaper.

Not sure how to find these? Check out this post and video here.

But there are some. And that’s something for us savers. I find they are delayed. Most of the coupons you find on coupons.com are available at BJs.com. But it takes hours to show up once they are available on coupons.com.

Is it ideal? No. Us couponers would love to bring in our newspaper coupons and more.

Will it do for now? Yes.

Don’t forget you can use Ibotta, Savingstar and Fetch to save you more money too.

how to redeem bjs online coupons

You can use digital coupons more than once.

This is new and probably because many of us were upset with digital for the simple fact it was a one and done savings. Many of us buy multiple items that are on sale given the long sale period BJ’s runs.

Now you can use a digital coupon 5 times. What’s been shared in our Facebook group is it takes 20-30 minutes to reset. You will need to go back in and clip the coupon again.

I’ve found the coupons to show back up in the app after I’ve used them. I’m hoping to test it out this week and give an update.

You Can Use 2 BJ’s Coupons

One of the reasons we heard BJ’s changed the coupon policy was because so many members were using multiple BJs coupons on items. Can you imagine? Getting $6 off an item just by scanning a BJ’s coupon twice?

Anyways in the app now with BJ’s member savings books overlapping you will find sometimes there are two BJ’s coupons for an item and as shared in our Facebook group, they both come off.

They may be for different amounts or expire at different times, but they will both come off. This is a plus when it comes to wanting to buy two of something right away as well.

Who wants to wait 20 -30 minutes if you want two packs of fruit snacks?

We share all the double coupon and coupon stacking deals HERE.

I hope these tips help you to see there are plenty of ways to still save money by shopping at BJ’s Wholesale club.

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