10 Essential School Supplies You Can Bulk Buy at BJ’s

It's back-to-school season, and as a parent, you know how much school supplies can add up quickly. Going through lists of required supplies can be overwhelming, and shopping for them can be pricey. That's where bulk buying comes in.

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back to school supplies at BJ's 2023

By purchasing in bulk, you will save money and have the convenience of not running out of these essential items throughout the school year.

And we all know how easy it is to misplace or lose a pencil or pen. So, we've compiled a list of 10 essential school supplies that are cost-effective to buy in bulk at BJ's.

Of course, if you are patient, you can get many of the school supply items below on clearance in mid-August. Here in New York, our kids don't start school until after Labor Day, so we have a little more time to wait and score deals.

novelty pens at BJ's

1) Pencils,Pens, Markers

Pencils and pens are the most basic yet essential school supplies on every student's list. Luckily, BJ's has a wide array of pencil and pen options, ranging from mechanical to traditional wooden varieties.

BJ's carries their own brand of wooden pencils similar to Ticonderoga for $2 less!

westcott kids essentials kit

Each year they have some special novelty pens that are fun for the kids.

dry erase marker pack

Dry-erase markers are my must-buy at wholesale clubs this time of year. They don't normally carry these big packs of this U Brands. You can get 24 magnetic dry-erase markers for only $9.99!

3 Subject Spiral Notebooks

2) Notebooks

Notebooks are a must-have for taking class notes, jotting down assignments, and homework tasks. BJ's has an impressive selection of high-quality notebooks from top brands at an affordable price.

Right now, a 10-pack of 1 subject single lined notebooks is $9.99 in club and online. Once those have a coupon, they will be a good deal.

You can find bulk notebooks with numerous pages, ideal for high school and college students. The best bet is to wait for a coupon on the notebooks.

binder pack clearance at BJs

3) Binders and Folders

Keeping your notes and required articles organized by subject is easier with a binder or folder. At BJ's wholesalers, these supplies come in various bright colors, designs, and sizes. The often have fun things like Binder pack pen holders!

I like to wait for clipless coupons on the binders; right now, there is a $2 savings on Avery binders.

4) Art Supplies

Whether you have an art major or someone who loves drawing, you need good-quality art supplies to achieve remarkable work. I love getting the girls a huge pack of markers for under $10.

Creative Combo Artist Bundle

You never know what cute art kits you'll find this time of year. Worth stocking up for the younger ones during the winter months when they are stuck inside more.

BJ's has you covered with supplies such as markers, colored pencils, and even paint bought in bulk, which will undoubtedly save you lots of money.

jansport backpacks

5) Backpacks

Backpacks don't have to break the bank, and with BJ's, you can find the perfect backpack directly suited to your child's needs, from name brands like Jansport to High Sierra and more.

They have smaller backpacks perfect for preschoolers or kindergartners all the way up to college-level backpacks!

puffs facial tissues at BJ's wholesale club

6) Tissue Packs

Stock up on tissue packs for the school year by purchasing them in bulk because you will never know when you will need them in the classroom or running around the playground. I know many teachers love when kids can bring in extra tissues.

We also grab the Berkley Jensen brand and love them. Otherwise, I wait for a double coupon stack on Puffs and grab those.

BJ's has won many customers' hearts, providing excellent quality in bulk packages.

Berkley jensen Hand Sanitizer

7) Hand Sanitizer/Disinfecting Wipes

Hand sanitizer is the ultimate weapon to prevent the spread of germs, including colds, flu, and other viruses. You can grab a bottle in bulk and use it to fill up the little mini ones your kids may have on their backpacks or in their lockers.

With flu season just around the corner, purchasing hand sanitizer in bulk at BJ's is essential to keep hands clean and healthy throughout the school day.

8) Laptops

For today's education, laptops are not only essential but required. If your school doesn't provide one, BJ's has a full selection of laptops available, ranging from high-end to budget-friendly prices, making them convenient for college students and parents who need an affordable option for their children.

If you are shopping online, don't forget to use Rakuten to earn cashback on your purchase; right now, it's showing me 8% back at BJs.

Ubrands 16x20 Metal Frame 4-in-1 Board

9) Whiteboards

For classroom teaching or studying at home, whiteboards make it easier to think out ideas. This is one of my favorite items to grab from wholesale clubs. The girls still love using these for playing school and so many other games they come up with.

Right now, as of writing this, it's on sale for $12.99 until 8/9/23.

10) Calculators

Calculators may not be needed in some classes, but in others, they're necessary. BJ's offers in bulk packages, providing customers with substantial savings on calculators and enabling you to stock up on them and other tools required for certain classes.

Bulk buying at BJ's is a way to keep your wallet and your kid's supplies full all year round. You can save money while purchasing all your supplies for the new school year.

Getting all of your school supplies in one place, bundled as bulk purchases at BJ's, is a smart way to save money and time.

From notebooks and pencils to hand sanitizers and backpacks, the ten essential school supplies listed here are cost-effective and of excellent quality, making BJ's the go-to place for back-to-school shopping. Shop smarter and save more with BJ's.

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