BJ’s Book Section: A Treasure Trove for Back-to-School Reading Lists

Do you remember the joy of scouring the library shelves for your next great read during back-to-school season? As much as I miss this part of school days past, a shopping trip to BJ's these days allows me to get that same sort of giddy feeling.

Their book section is truly a treasure trove ready to be explored! Whether you're looking for award winners or fun chapter books, their collection has something captivating for readers of all ages.

So if you've got any back-to-school reading lists to fill and need some fresh titles, head over – I guarantee there will be one or two surprise finds on the shelf waiting just for you.

BJ's book section

Let's start with the basics. BJ's book section is easy to find, usually near the store's front entrance or right in the middle of the treasure trove goodness. You can also shop for BJ's books online.

Once you're there, you'll notice that the selection is vast and covers everything from picture books to young adult novels.

bj's wholesale club book section

But what's even better is that BJ's prices are often significantly lower than what you'd find at a regular bookstore. All the prices are marked right on the front of the book with a sticker. And if you have a BJ's Plus membership, you can save even more money.

With a Plus membership, you will earn 2% or 5% back on purchases depending on your membership level.

Jerry Seinfeld's Is This Anything Book

Another thing I love about BJ's book section is that they often have exclusive titles or editions of popular books.

BJs club books

If you're not sure what books to get, don't worry. BJ's book section has you covered there too. They usually have a table dedicated to popular reads for different age groups, including some of the latest award-winning titles.

bj's club book selection

You can also find books categorized by genres, such as mystery, adventure, and sci-fi, making it easy to find something your child will enjoy. These are stacked in sections on the table.

BJ's book section busy books

BJ's busy books are a better deal ( $14.99) than our local Walmart and Target. You can find so many books to entertain your toddler or preschooler at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Check out the back-to-school supplies at BJ's this year here.

kids books at BJ's

One thing to note is that BJ's book section may not have quantities of the latest bestsellers that your local bookstore would.

However, they have an extensive collection of timeless classics and popular series, which means you can find books that are still relevant today.

kids books at BJs
kids books out at BJs

Not to mention, picking up some of these older classics makes for a great bonding experience as you revisit books from your own childhood with your little ones.

bj's book section

During the year, BJ's will also keep a bookshelf like the one above in stores. I find these are more common in the fall season, during back to school. This one was found near the registers up front. This is not the only book section; keep venturing to the middle of the store for the book treasure trove.

bj's club book selection

BJ's book section isn't just for kids. They also have a great range of non-fiction, including cookbooks, travel guides, and personal development titles. So, if you're in the mood for a bit of self-improvement or planning a trip, be sure to check out the book section during your next BJ's run.

BJ's book section may not be the first place you think to go for back-to-school reading lists, but it's a secret gem for parents looking to save money and add quality books to their child's library.

With a vast selection at affordable prices, exclusive editions, and advice on what books to get, it's an excellent resource that should not be overlooked.

So next time you're running low on reading material, be sure to swing by BJ's book section or online and discover a treasure trove of literary options.

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