BJs Checkout Just Got a Whole Lot Easier


Shopping in bulk was never something I thought I would be doing as an adult. I was the skeptical one. I knew I didn’t want a huge family and I didn’t see why a smaller family would need 12 cans of beans at a time or 3 lbs of grapes.

Quickly as all parents learn, everything you envisioned for yourself doesn’t usually pan out that way. I’ve been a BJs member for 10 years now.

I believe there is a plan already in place for us. Just like with this blog. I really didn’t see myself not going to work full time now that both the girls are in school all day, to stay home and talk about my favorite place to shop! Yet for me, the Lord has a different plan. A better plan.

To sum it all up, it does not matter what size your family is, everyone can benefit from shopping at a wholesale club.

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I see many people shopping at BJs and only have a gallon of milk and a pack of hot dogs. Long gone are the days of people shopping at wholesale clubs monthly.

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I’m no longer a daily shopper at BJs-  now that I live out in the country and can’t walk to BJs I’m a few times a week.

Now all BJ’s locations in our area ( state of New York) have express check out lanes. This my friends just made quick shopping at BJs a whole lot easier.

It’s also an advantage over Costco because their CEO said they do not plan on adding self-checkout lanes any time soon.

Too bad Costco shoppers, BJs is where all the cool shoppers at. We get in and we get out.

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Now you can check out with under 15 items. In reality, a cart filled at BJs with 15 items can look quite full.   It works the same way as the other self-checkout lanes. These ones are more compact. Allowing the club to add more in a smaller space. This goes nicely with the express scanners select BJs clubs have rolled out to allow a faster checkout process.

The express lanes at BJs Wholesale club are shorter. Many times while I am waiting in a line I have to tell others about the express lanes. They are short and compressed shoppers are missing out.


Share with us, has your local club added in the new express check out lanes?

Are you a fan of self-check lanes or not so much?

Share your thoughts below. 

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