How to Avoid Overspending at BJs

I almost fainted the first time I cashed out at BJs Wholesale.  I was an Aldi shopper and had no idea what stocking up even meant. I wasn't the most brilliant shopper that first trip, BUT I knew that paying $200 on a handful of items was more than I wanted to spend.

If you have found yourself overspending at BJs, let me share tips below to help you stay on budget.

The Following Tips Will You Help You To Not Overspend at BJs Wholesale

Coupon Booklets

Always grab your coupon books when you are shopping, especially the ones in the club.

We share the entire booklets scanned right on our website. Plus, list the best coupon matchup deals below the image.

  • Check those out here and be sure to bookmark the page!

Pick Up & Pay

Use BJs Pick up and Pay- that way, you won't be tempted – It's free!

Perfect for the once-a-month shoppers who need to stock up on oversized household items. I love this option when you need toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, etc., because most of the time, you won't fit all this in one cart.

  • Not sure how Pick up and pay works? Read the step by step here.

One Person

Shop alone, the kids with the samples and the toys and the books, oh my.  It is tempting to overspend when other family members are with you, especially the youngest ones who give you those big blue eyes 😉 The kids do miss out on the samples, but hey, at least they can have as many as they want! 


Avoid the endcaps of clearance. The same area that can help you SAVE money can cause you to overspend at BJs. If you are shopping when emotions are all over the place, check out my tips to curb those emotional shopping trips here

Remember the Christmas video where I put the ornaments in my cart because they were $7.98? Well, it felt good to put them in, but after a few more aisles, I ended up taking them out.

I've come a long way when not getting every deal because I'm so shocked at the price, but I ask myself to envision where this item is going in my home. I have to see myself using it, or I really shouldn't be buying it. 

Make Fewer Trips

Try grocery shopping once a month instead of weekly; it's harder weekly when you are constantly seeing the deals all the time. I always try to meal plan for two weeks at a time. If you want some free printables to get you started in meal planning and shopping monthly, go here.

Walk Fast When You Enter BJs

Skip the items that bombard you right away in the front of the store. At our clubs, they have a nice long wall guiding you with flashy deals. Just walk by those. The bins or fruit or random goodies they put in the middle keep walking. They aren't on sale usually and will distract you.

If the items you need are near the front, well, yes, buy those. You know what I mean here, right?!

Renew Your Membership Cheap

Don't listen to the checkout register when it tells you your membership is expiring, and do you want to renew today? Say no and go here and grab one for $25! If you aren't a new member and wish to renew your BJs membership for cheap, go here. 

No one wants to overspend on a BJs membership.

I hope these tips help you to spend less next time you are at BJs!

Do you have any tips to add to the list?

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