9 Smart BJ’s hacks You’ll Regret Not Trying

BJs Wholesale Club offers savings on many products and they are still the only club to accept coupons. Even with their new updated coupon policy. If you are wanting to shop BJs club and save money you need to try these 9 hacks for shopping BJs Wholesale.

Not adding BJs coupons to your membership card

Couponing is changing everywhere. It’s time to adapt. Be sure to add ALL The online BJs coupons to your membership card. This way if you are shopping at BJs and you see a markdown and there is a coupon for it, it’s already on your membership card. You can download BJs app for the coupons or go directly to their website.

This is also nice if you need an extra BJs coupon because you found a killer deal. Remember you can only use ONE BJs coupon per product. To read the actual BJs coupon policy go here.

I have the entire list of BJs coupons paired with manufacturer coupons here for you to save EVEN more money and time.

Grabbing a box

If you are an Aldi shopper, you are already familiar with packing your own items. BJs Wholesale is the same way. You need to pack up all your own items. You can grab boxes on your way to the door to pack up your goods.

Grabbing a reusable bag

If you aren’t a fan of the boxes, I personally am not a huge fan of boxes, purchase some of the $1.99 reusable shopping bags found at BJs. These are extra large and the handles are nice and sturdy. I’ve used the BJs brand shopping bags for a few years now and love them. You can always look online for some too.

Bring your bags inside and pack up your items right in your bags at checkout so you don’t have to pack items twice.

Get items discontinued by checking the end caps

End caps are a saver’s best friend when it comes to shopping at BJs. This is a BIG hack that can save you so much money. Always be thinking of the next season when shopping endcaps.

Look for Price Reduced Signs

Always keep an eye out when shopping at BJs for price-reduced signs. Many times these items are marked down lower than you will find at other stores. The only catch is they tend to go quickly. We post tons of these deals here on our blog. If you are new sign up for our newsletter below.

Use Cashback apps

Ibotta has BJs on their app and many times the items are specific to the quantity at BJs. Check out all our top apps to use at BJs in our post here.

Renew Your Membership for Only $25!

You can go online here and use this hack to renew your membership or head to your local BJs and ask for the $25 membership. According to employees in our Facebook group BJs customer service will honor the request. I personally have not tried it that way.

MyPerks Membership

If you are a frequent shopper at BJs check out the different membership options where you earn cashback for your purchases. One thing I like about BJs over Costco is getting a rewards membership that isn’t a credit card. Costco only has credit card memberships to earn cashback.

We have an entire post with the pros and cons and tells you how much you need to spend to make the rewards membership worth it here.

Doubling Up On Gas Promos

BJs no longer accepts MULTIPLE manufacturer coupons. You can still stack coupons though, but now they are really giving us plenty of chances to stack GAS promos! Here is one current deal scenario where you can stack gas promos.

BJs Wholesale Club is a great place to shop to save time and money. With these nine BJs Shopping hacks you will feel confident you're actually saving money.

For example, we technically can stack THREE gas promos right now. If you want gas for 2¢/gal stack the gas promos. For all the current gas promos bookmark this page or visit it right now here.

What other BJs shopping hacks do you have to share with everyone?

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