Why Bulk Shopping is Better Than Couponing

With the recent BIG change to BJs coupon policy I knew some of you would be wondering if bulk shopping at BJ's or any club is worth it?

Can't you get free toothpaste at CVS and Dollar tree with coupons? Why bulk shop when you can get stuff for $0.50/ or less at other stores with coupons?

In just a matter of five years couponing has changed. The amount of coupons being offered in the newspapers on Sunday has decreased.

New Printable coupons online have decreased. The values, have decreased.

I shake my head every time I visit coupons.com and see more 20¢ off one item coupons. Or my least favorites $0.50/2 coupons.

Sure as a an extreme couponer those will double in value if you use them at a store that doubles coupons. In upstate New York our Tops and Wegman's double coupons up to a $.99 all day everyday.

The 20¢ coupon would be 40¢ and the 50¢ would be $1. Which is better, but it's NOTHING like it used to be.

The goldmines of double coupons were all the .75¢/1 coupons. These low value coupons aren't too exciting when shopping at BJ's.

Majority of the time I would use my newspaper coupons for BJs because they were always a $1 off or more.

BJs doesn't double coupons.

Now with BJs only accepting one manufacturer coupon and many retailers cracking down on coupon use- bulk shopping is more appealing to me and many others than ever.

Here's why bulk shopping is better than couponing.

Time saver.

You don't have to search for low value coupons. Many of the clubs brands are cheaper or the same price as your local grocery store. I have several reviews on BJs brand items here if interested.


What I mean by this is the membership fee we pay is like paying someone to do the couponing for you. You can sign up for a super cheap BJ's membership here and you'll pay $2.08 per month. You can't pay someone that to clip coupons for you.

Or the time looking up all the deals right? You'll be paying $2.08 per month for a guarantee of deals at your fingertips. I'm okay with that. Same goes for Costco.

Costco is a little bit more pricey on the membership, but it's Costco, and I've got 7 reasons you should get a membership there in my post here.

If you need tips on how to keep a really tight grocery budget see how I've done it in the past here.

One Stop Shop

Bjs free trial membership

For most of your household needs, you can get it all at BJs or Costco. I loved that about Walmart, but I enjoy shopping at BJs or Costco over Walmart if I can. Walmart stores are dependent on area too. We have some that are okay and others that are pretty run down.

One stop shopping is a life saver when you have young kids who won't want to sit in the cart for your third trip. You can even get great deals on kids clothes too. I find Costco apparel deals to be cheaper than BJ's in general. Yet BJ's will offer up clearance on clothing too.

Stock Up

frozen 2 cereal deal at bjs

When you shop at wholesale clubs you're essentially stocking up. The two bags of cereal in one purchase, the three containers of ketchup etc. You are shopping now with the intent on not having to shop for a couple weeks at least. Depending on your family size maybe even a month.

Tap here to learn how to shop wholesale clubs based on your family size.

When you compare this to couponing, there isn't a need for five coupons to get five little items. Way easier right?


Coupons are Suffocating

What I mean by this is if you asked me this question five years ago I would have said, well you can get really good deals couponing.

BUT now, today it's a lot more work for a lot less. Sure you can still get free toothpaste and shampoo. BUT now with all the competition for items, you can get a better quality shampoo for slightly more money and you didn't have to put any time/effort into it.

Coupons will save you money, and couponing hardcore is what led us to our debt free lifestyle, but today I barely print any coupons, expect for my Kellogg's Family Rewards.

Now you can use so many apps to save money instead. Plus the competition with online shopping who wants to gather up al lthe coupons and go to the store?

With Instacart deals, and pick up deals, everyone wants to spend less time getting their groceries.

Coupons are aren't what they used to be, but the idea behind it still exists. If we plan and do our best to save money when we can, we will. I'm not saying you can't get great deals with coupons anymore, I'm saying it requires more work. And you may be sick of the same brands over and over.

Remember the best way to save money is to plan ahead. Whether you are a die hard shopper at wholesale clubs or love extreme couponing at your local grocery store, a plan is always the way to a smart financial decision.

Share with me one reason you like shopping wholesale clubs over extreme couponing at a local grocery store?

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why bulk shopping is better than couponing

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