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  1. I prefer Dannon Light n Fit or Aldi Greek yogurt. I never tried the Bjs one. I wasn’t crazy about chobabi years ago.

  2. I like both although the Chobani is just a tad more my taste. Like you said, sweetness levels and texture make the difference. Our BJs carries Siggis which is creamier and even less sweet. Nice for a change.

  3. I love that I have found your page it has helped me take my couponing to a whole nother level thank you for all the deals that you post daily

  4. Thanks for all the reviews you do to help us decide on different brands. They help when making a decision on which brand to buy that’s a better value for the money. I have learned just because a brand is well known does. It always make it better than store brand. Your testers are adorable.

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