Don’t Buy Tide Pods at Aldi + Where to Buy Instead

Four years ago I was drowning in baby diapers, bills, and coupons. I price compared every thing! I was fortunate to live in a place at the time where all the stores were close together so I could go from one store to the next to save my $1 an item or more.

This week while I am working on a larger price comparison post between BJ's and Aldi- I had to take a look at the Aldi Finds section and share one quick item with you, Tide Pods.  If you love price comparison you can check out when I compared the meat prices here,  


I know that usually, Aldi's name brand items aren't the best deal. Of course, they do mark items down and that can mean they are a steal of a deal. If you see a name brand item at Aldi your best bet is to walk on by.

So this week I wanted to let you know if you love shopping at Aldi and BJ's or just knowing who has the best deal, you should pick up your Tide Pods at BJ's this time.

Unless you Aldi has a lower price than what ours had BJ's Wholesale club is only 20¢ a pod and Aldi price is 25¢ a pod. Not a huge difference I know.

There is a catch of course. If you have a smaller budget weekly, paying the extra amount for a smaller bag could benefit you.

If you have a larger family though and you do loads of laundry allow your budget the room for the one from BJ's. Saves you time shopping and will save you money.  If you need tips on how to shop wholesale clubs based on your family size check out our article here. 

PLUS if we had a manufacturer or BJ's coupon to pair it would make Aldi's price expensive. 

If you are new here to shopping at BJs just a week ago we had a P&G promotion to earn $20 WYB three select P&G items and Tide Pods were on there. That is why we currently do not have a new coupon for these at BJs.

If you are reading this past the published date I always use the coupon database to check for new BJs, manufacturer and newspaper coupons. I would check it out and see if there is a new Tide Pod coupon.

We are big Aldi fans around here. Taylor doesn't have a BJ's club close to him so Aldi is his go-to spot.




I am a super fan of BJ's Wholesale Club. You know how you see all those folks who love Costco?! Yeah well, I am that way about BJ's and each time I walk into the club I fall more in love with it!

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Here's the price for comparison of Tide Pods at Aldi & BJ's Wholesale club this week.





Aldi Find Keep in mind this item isn't available all the time at Aldi

  • Alid Price: Tide Pods 30 ct. $7.49 



BJs' Wholesale Club:

tide pods and more new printable coupons

If you had manufacturer coupons you could use three. BJs coupon policy states one manufacturer coupon per barcode in a multi-pack unit. You could also stack a BJs coupon with those manufacturer coupons. 



So there is just a quick look at how one item is cheaper at BJ's and I'm guessing there are plenty more too. Yet, it's so important to always be aware of your prices. That is why I love shopping in store because so many places have price reduced and clearance items you wouldn't see if you weren't looking for them.


What's your best tip to share with us about price comparing?



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