The Biggest Mistake You Are Making When Renewing Your BJ’s Membership

There is one huge flaw I believe that BJ’s Wholesale club is making, taking care of its dedicated members with a discount renewal membership.

If you are unaware or you have only been a member for less than a year you probably didn’t know that BJ’s will date you back to your membership.

That means if your membership expires in January, and you let it expire for a month or two, you go back in April they will date you back to January when your membership expired.

It’s a rule I think is unfair for sure.

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Not Waiting 3 Months

If you are planning on letting your membership expire to get a better deal you have to wait 3 full months before you head back to the club to get a membership.

You can always use my referral link here to score a $25 membership for the year, this has worked for many on renewals. As long as you follow the steps here. Many BJs employees in our Facebook group have shared you can go to the local club and ask for the $25 membership and they will honor it. I haven’t personally done this, but it’s worth a shot.

If you want to get a better idea from others who have used it go ahead and join our private group here and ask away!


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You Don’t Want to Renew at Checkout

You know when it’s getting close to your membership expiring because the self-checkout register reminds you well in advance. Usually two months. It is conveinant to go ahead and renew right there, BUT will you get a discount?

Their won’t’ be any BJs membership renewal discount at the register. Instead, go over to the customer service desk and ask for a discount or scroll through online or renew for $25 for the year by changing household names.

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Checking Your Mailbox

Many BJs members in our Facebook group have shared images of the membership renewal deals they received in their mailboxes. I’ve been a member for 10 years now and have yet to get one. I’m not sure how they decide this, or what but keeping an eye out in the mail is a good idea.

UPDATE: There is a new BJ’s membership renewal deal for $35 HERE. Expires 11/23/19.

I hope you are able to renew your BJs membership for less than the regular price of $55 a year! If you are curious about upgrading to one of the Perks memberships I have an entire post with how much you need to spend weekly here.

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