How To Use Coupons at BJs Before The Start Date

Yesterday I was working on those pain in the butt BJs Coupon Matchup lists, and when I was scrolling through BJs digital coupons I noticed all the coupons for the new booklet titled:” The Bigger Book of Big Savings”, were available online.

Remember last month when BJs made a pretty big change to the coupon policy? One of the notes I continued to see at our local clubs was apologizing for not accepting BJs coupons before or past their expiration date anymore. 

Well, savers, this is good news for those of us who like to stack coupons to save money.

BJs digital coupons

You can Use BJ's Coupons Before The Start Date

I tried it out yesterday to be sure the BJs digital coupons actually came off. I wondered if the BJs digital coupons were available early to add to our membership card but wouldn't redeem until the start date of 5/21.

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BJs digital coupons

Sure enough, the BJs digital coupons came off before the physical BJs coupon start date. In this case, the start date is 5/21/19.

I would imagine the BJs digital coupons won't be available after the expiration date as the system probably deletes them after expiration.

This was exciting because the Yasso Ice cream, for example, was marked down to $7.98 and markdowns don't stay long right? If I had to wait the three days to use the BJs coupon on it, chances are the Yasso would be gone.

Instead, I added the BJ's digital coupon which was available 3 days before the start date. 

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Why Is This Allowed?

I wonder if this is just an error in the system? Again why would they add the BJ's digital coupons early? Maybe it is similar to how BJ's computer system was allowing multiple BJs coupons on ONE item- which is the main reason the coupon policy was changed.

Again even with BJs getting rid of the multiple manufacturer coupons, there are plenty of ways to still save money at BJs. 

This is just one. The new High Octane Gas promo being able to stack with the other gas promos is another.

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