5 Frugal Grocery Tips You Keep Forgetting About to Save Money

Do you want to save money on groceries? I know shopping at BJs Wholesale club does help you save money, but most of us also continue shopping at other stores. I've said it before, and I'll repeat it, certain items are NOT a good deal at wholesale clubs like these here.

We all know that grocery shopping can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be! You can use a few simple tricks to cut costs and still eat healthily. Here are five frugal tips that will help you save money at the grocery store.


Plan your meals first around what you have in your fridge, pantry, and freezer, and second around what's on sale

Knowing what's in your pantry and fridge makes it easier to plan a week of meals based on those ingredients. Try to come up with all the meals you can use what you have first.

For example, I make at least one dinner from those items if I have a pack of ground beef, noodles, cheese, bread, frozen veggies, and chicken nuggets.

You can also check out the weekly grocery flyer for items on sale that you might want to stock up on so you have them ready to go when recipes call for them.

If you have a hard time with meal planning, check out one of my favorite meal planning apps- Real Plans. You can even type in your pantry items to help it come up with meals using what you have.

The app also lets you send your shopping list to your favorite grocery store using Instacart! I did a post about it here.

A little advanced planning can save you both time and money. Finally, check out the app Flipp if you want to compare grocery items at each store quickly. I did a video of this on Titkok below. ( Note this account is for my Frugal Farm Girl blog- I would love to have you join me!)

Buy in bulk when items go on sale.

When an item goes on sale, buy as much as possible. It may be a while before it goes on sale again. The best places to shop for bulk items are warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam's Club, and BJs.

These stores offer great deals on name-brand items that you can stock up on to save money in the long run. ( Pss.. most of you have this one covered!) Check out the best things to always buy at wholesale clubs here.

When buying in bulk, be sure to check the unit pricing. The unit price tells you the cost per ounce, pound, etc. This information can help you compare similar products and choose a lower unit price for an equal or better food product.

For more information on reading sales and coupons at BJs, tap here for Costco.

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Use coupons

Coupons can add up if used correctly. You can find coupons online or in the Sunday paper. Look for product coupons when shopping, and be sure to use them when making your list.

Also, look into if your local grocery store has a “loyalty” card where for every $X spent at the store, you get X% off your next purchase.

Plus, many grocery stores, including BJs, have gas discount programs. For example, you can save 10 cents off a gallon of gas for select items you buy at BJs.

For BJs latest gas promotion, tap here.

Not all coupons are created equally. If you want to increase your savings, even more, try using printable coupons or looking into stacking a manufacturer's coupon with a store coupon. For how to start couponing, check out the post here.

Tap here for a list of all the latest coupon stacking deals at BJs.


Shop around for the best prices

You don't always have to shop at your local grocery store or even in one specific area of a town; sometimes, there is better pricing elsewhere, so do some research before heading out the door!

Not only do you want to add items on sale to your shopping list- but you want to make sure Walmart isn't offering a better deal.

Bonus: Check Ibotta for any deals to stack at certain grocery stores to give you the best price possible. Join my Ibotta team here.

Make a list and stick with it.

If you plan, you won't end up buying things impulsively, which could cost extra money. List items you need on your phone or in a small notepad to avoid backtracking.

Try bringing in your reusable shopping bags and place them in the cart.

When the shopping bags are packed, don't buy anymore. Seeing the bags full can be helpful for those who like a visual to stop spending.

Be sure to bring enough bags if you are doing a major shopping haul. For us New Yorkers, we are in the habit of having to reuse our bags- plastic bags are BANNED!

Wondering what are some of the WORST things to buy at BJ's? Check out the post here.

Don't forget about Aldi's

Aldi isn't just another supermarket chain; this is where we get our groceries every week because their prices are unbeatable! And did we mention their produce section is always fresh? Aldi's has everything from organic food options down to everyday staples like milk and eggs, and they're all affordable too!

I made a couple of price comparisons of Aldi meat to wholesale clubs too. You can check out a post of Aldi Vs. BJs here. Aldi is a great place to go and stock up your pantry. Check out the list of pantry items I recommend with free printables here.

It can be tough to save money on groceries, but it's not impossible. If you make the most of your time and maximize discounts or coupons for items already in stock at home, grocery shopping will become way more manageable.

We hope these five frugal tips will help you save money on groceries. If they do, please share them with your friends! Also, let us know if any of our readers have found another good way to save money at the grocery store by commenting below.

Be sure to check out even MORE tips to help you save money below.

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