Are BJ’s Prices Good? 14 Things to Not Pay Full Price

Even though BJs wholesale club is a discount membership store- it doesn't mean you should pay their full price for every item there.

As a deal mama who loves saving money and lives a 100% debt-free life, I've got some tips and tricks to help you save money.

When shopping at BJ's Wholesale, remember they are the only wholesale club to accept manufacturer coupons. Is it enough to grab a $25 BJ's membership deal and buy anything in-store? It makes you wonder if BJ's prices are good enough to purchase without waiting for a sale.

BJ's Wholesale Club is a discount membership store, so it shouldn't be surprising that they offer great deals. With the right timing and coupon stacking, you can get your favorite items for free!

Whether you need body wash, cleaning supplies, or coffee, we'll help you find the best deal at BJs to keep more money in your pocket.

These items often go on sale every 8 – 10 weeks, so there will always be an opportunity to save big when shopping with us.

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In addition, there are five of the worst things to buy at BJ's Wholesale club. Read those HERE.

Here are the 14 best things to buy from BJs without paying the sticker price.

Arm and hammer laundry pacs price and deal at BJs wholesale club

Laundry Detergent

Laundry Detergent is on sale at BJs every 8 to 12 weeks, and coupons are always available. BJs allows one manufacturer coupon per item stacked with a BJs coupon. Recently BJs will have times where TWO BJs coupons apply to one thing.

You can buy all sizes of laundry detergents without paying the total price. Even better is BJ's brand of laundry detergent runs coupons every 6-8 weeks.

You can stack manufacturer coupons on top of BJs coupons. If you are a fan of Tide, you can always print Tide coupons when you sign up for P&G awards here free.

For example, right now, BJs Detergent Packs are only $6.49! We share all the laundry deals here.

charmin ultra soft toilet paper

Toilet paper

You should never pay the total price for toilet paper! In the past, the BJs brand was a great deal, but recently they have gone up in price, and now I'm finding it is a better deal to wait for coupons on the other brands.

Scott Comfortplus and Scott 1100 have manufacturer coupons frequently that you can stack with a BJs coupon.

The BJs Brand's regular cheapest pack is $19.99, making it $0.55 a roll.

glad trash bags gas promo at BJs

Trash bags

Trash bags are on sale every 8 to 12 weeks. Plus, Glad brand is in many special promotions offers every three months. One of my favorite things about shopping at BJ's is the amount of store-brand items they carry.

You can get Berkley Jensen Drawstring Tall Kitchen Bags, 13 gal. for $17.99. The best part is that BJ's will run specials on these, whether a clipless coupon or a BJ's coupon to clip.

I wait for a BJ's coupon to get the Berkley Jensen brand.

old spice fuji body wash clearance at bjs

Body wash

There are wide varieties of body wash at BJ's Wholesale Club. This means this allows couponers options every couple of weeks. In addition, there are many manufacturer coupons online or in your newspaper inserts for body wash coupons.

Some weeks are better than others, but this is an item I refuse to pay the total price at BJs.

We've been able to double stack coupons often for Dove body wash at BJs. So if you need body wash, give it a few days; it will be on sale at BJs before you know it.

The suave body wash is a decent deal at BJ's, and we frequently see coupons for this brand in the Sunday Newspaper. The suave body wash is part of a Unilever buy three get $10 off deal. Another reason BJ's prices are good. You would pay $1.21 for a larger bottle of Suave Body wash after coupons and promotions.

seventh generation multisurface cleaner

Cleaning Products

Many of the cleaning brands at BJs often have manufacturer coupons. If you have a coupon for any of these items, add it to your list and wait for the following BJs coupon. It's only a matter of time before they go on sale again.

Plus, check your Ibotta and Fetch accounts.

crest toothpaste at BJs


BJs carries a wide variety of toothpaste, and coupons are always available. If you were to buy the cheapest tube of toothpaste at BJs without a coupon, it would cost $1.59, which isn't terrible.

However, if you can combine the store coupon with a manufacturer coupon (there are many toothpaste coupons online), you could buy it for less than $1 a tube.

If you are an extreme couponer, I usually avoid buying toothpaste at BJs because you can get it free frequently at stores like CVS, Rite-aid, and Walgreens.

For more places to find coupons check out this article here.



This item is sold every 8 to 12 weeks, and coupons are always available. You can purchase razors for as low as $1 per razor without a coupon, but if you can stack it with a clearance price, it's even cheaper.

For example, check out this recent deal on Schick Razors at BJs- you pay $11.99


Typically both of these items go on sale every four weeks. You can even purchase BJs brand for $5.99 for a two-pack and score a deal when they offer a coupon on it. I find newspaper inserts have the best haircare product coupons and

Many times BJs will have double stacks of shampoo and conditioner.

degree mens motionsense spray deodorant


In 4-6 weeks, you will see a good deal on deodorant. It's the perfect time to stock up and save some money. If coupons aren't available online, wait for a sale and combine it with a manufacturer coupon from the newspaper. Often Degree and Dove are the top two to score a deal.

Check for recent deals here.

clorox wipes gas deal at BJs

Cleaning supplies

Any cleaning supplies that you may need are good to buy at BJs. Just wait for a sale and stack it with one or two coupons (there are many to choose from), and you've got yourself a fantastic deal.

For the best cleaning items to buy at BJe.

starbucks pumpkin spice coffee


This is one of the most common items to buy at BJs without paying the total price. There are always coupons available, so wait until you see a good deal and stack it with a coupon from the newspaper inserts.

This is also an excellent item to purchase when it goes on sale during the holidays.

If you are a fan of Starbucks coffee BJs is an excellent place to buy it. I find a $5 off Starbucks coffee BJs coupon almost every time we have a coupon book, and they are often included in bakery promotions.

So, for example, buy a Starbucks coffee, get Free Muffins or 50% off croissants, etc.

Click here to review my four favorite coffees to grab at BJs.

Right now, you can score Pumpkin Spice Starbucks coffee for $9.99! Reg. $20.99!

loreal paris triple moisturizers

Skincare products

Just like with shampoo and conditioner, there are coupons available for skincare products. Just wait for a good deal to stack it with a coupon from the newspaper or

The best part is that popular brands like Olay and Cerave offer manufacturer coupons.

Search here for coupons.


If you are a fan of Kellogg's cereal, never buy this item's total price at BJs. Kelloggs offers free printable coupons on their website, and if you are a Kellogg's Family Rewards member, you earn points for every Kellogg's purchase. You can turn those points in for gift cards, coupons, and more.

Kellogg's is now revamping their entire online program, making it easier to earn cashback for items you buy at retailers.

digiorno rising crust pizza at bjs

Frozen Pizza

Pizza is a quick, easy go-to meal, and in this one, you will find coupons for less than the other, BUT they are still there in every other coupon book, so about every 6-8 weeks.

Check out the best Frozen Dinners to grab at BJ's club HERE.

We hope you found this post informative and will help you save some money in the future. If there are any items we missed, please let us know! Have a great day and happy shopping!

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