13 Incredible Ways to Get BJ’s Membership Discounts

Finding ways to save money while shopping is a common goal for everyone. I've been shopping at BJ's Wholesale Club for over ten years, and as a frugal living expert, it's still my go-to grocery store. If you think paying for a BJ's membership is not worth it, this article will prove otherwise.

BJ's Wholesale Club is mainly on the East Coast, but they have expanded to Ohio and Pennsylvania in the past couple of years. BJ's Wholesale Club is one of the best places for discounts on everything from groceries to electronics. But did you know that you can get a membership discount as well?

Here are thirteen ways to get a discount on your BJ's membership.

one day pass at BJ's wholesale club

Save Big with BJ's Membership Coupon

Imagine getting the best deals on groceries, home appliances, decor, and thousands of other products at grocery store prices! With a BJ’s Wholesale Club card membership, you can turn this dream into reality at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Exclusive coupons and promo codes are your keys to unlocking fantastic discounts on most BJ’s purchases, including groceries, tires, and more. Eager to make significant savings? Let's get into the latest deals.

How to Apply the BJ's Membership Discount

Applying a BJ’s Membership discoiunt is like a walk in the park!

  • Verify you're 18 or above.
  • Get a bonus second card for someone in your household, and even add up to three more members for just $30 each!
  • Simply input your address and phone number, and click “Continue.”
  • Provide your payment details for a quick and hassle-free sign-up process.
  • Remember to bring a valid photo ID to the Member Services Desk at the club to collect your brand-new membership card.
BJ's exxclusive for you coupons with BJs membership coupon

Limited-Time Offers for New Club Card Membership

New to BJ’s Wholesale Club? You’re in for a treat! As a new member, you can enjoy discounted membership fees and exciting welcome bonuses. Using a BJ’s coupon can help you save money. When new stores open you may see a membership coupon for $40 back!

New members can sign up for the $20 membership deal that is going on now, but for a limited time. New members frequently get exclusive coupons after joining.

Discounts for Military Personnel and Educators

At BJ’s Wholesale Club, military personnel and educators are shown immense appreciation through a military discount on membership fees and select items. To access these incredible savings, all you need to do is present valid identification at the time of purchase. It’s that simple!

With these fantastic online coupons, you can stretch your hard-earned dollars even further and enjoy a well-deserved shopping spree.

Get a One Day Pass Membership

BJ's has an option for a one day pass program. This program provides temporary access to all BJ's services and products at for a fee.

Moreover, you can use this opportunity to experience the BJ's products and services before committing to a full membership, helping you save money while figuring out if BJ's is right for you.

Visit the Website Through Cashback Sites

Another great way to get a discount on your BJ's membership is to visit the website through cashback sites. Cashback sites, such as Rakuten, offer excellent discounts to their users who shop at BJ's.

By using their links to access BJ's, you can earn cashback without compromising on quality or product selection.

For more money saving tips, check out 9 Ways to Save a Ton at BJ's.

Bj's gas deal promotion withor y BJs membership coupon

Sign Up With A College ID

BJ's provides a discount to students with a valid college ID. This discount helps students who are financially struggling to be able to afford BJ's membership.

Right now the discount is sign up for $25 get a $10 welcome bonus.

Exclusive Benefits of BJ's Club Membership

With a BJ's club card membership, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits that’ll make your shopping experience even more rewarding. From gas promotion discounts to in-store services and manufacturer coupons, your BJ’s Club Membership is the gift that keeps on giving, including the valuable BJ’s rewards program.

We’ll delve into the benefits of the BJ's Club Plus Card Membership and highlight special discounts for our military personnel and educators – because economical shopping is always in vogue!

BJ's Club Plus Card Membership

Picture earning 2% cashback on your purchases and having exclusive access to sales – sounds fantastic, right? This dream becomes a reality with a Club Plus Card Membership at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Take a look at the BJ's Wholesale Membership breakdown.

Although there may be restrictions, the opportunity to pocket 2% cashback on your shopping spree is too good to miss. So, why not upgrade your membership and enjoy the Perks Rewards experience?

During the holiday season in the past, Club Card Plus members have been able to score free shipping on BJ's Website.

Maximize Your Savings with BJ's Coupons and Promo Codes

Ready to take your savings game to the next level? With BJ’s coupons and promo codes, you can maximize your savings on groceries, tires, BJ’s gas, and many other products from top brands.

The best part? BJ’s allows coupon stacking to combine multiple coupons in a single order for jaw-dropping discounts.

BJ's differs from Costco when it comes to exclusive deals, they have clipless coupons, whioch is simlar to Costcos instnat savings. A clipless coupon will be an amount automatically deducted at the register when you check out. There is no scanning or clipping of a coupon required when it's a clipless coupon.

exclusive $10 off BJs coupon

Grocery Savings

Who doesn’t love saving money on groceries? With BJ’s coupons and promo codes, you can enjoy discounts like $10 off groceries coupons, buy more save more events, and up to 25% off everyday grocery prices. They frequenlty partner with P&G to offer extra ptomotions.

BJ's has coupons like these every few months; the amounts vary from member to member.

Anytime we get a new $10 off BJ's coupon, we share it on the blog here.

.So, gear up for an exciting shopping spree and fill your cart with your favorite products while enjoying substantial savings!

Tire Promotions: Bridgestone, Kumho, and Nexen

Tire shopping has never been more exciting, thanks to the incredible promotions for Bridgestone, Kumho, and Nexen tires. Your tire shopping experience will be enjoyable and cost-effective, from discounts and rebates to prepaid card offers.

For example, you can get up to $150 offsets of 4 Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 tires with a Discount Tire online account and up to $140 back by mail on a Bridgestone Visa Prepaid Card.

So, why not give your vehicle the upgrade it deserves while keeping your wallet happy?

christmas decor at Bjs for 2023

Seasonal Deals and Special Offers at BJ's

As seasons change, so do the deals and special offers at BJ’s Wholesale Club. You can find amazing discounts on Halloween decor, electronics, and lawn & garden products, making every shopping trip a delightful experience.

These items are found in the center of the store- also known as the treasure trove of deals. Every week we share a look at those finds on our Instagram and TikTok pages.

Plus, they have incredible clearance deals. One of my favorite things about shopping at BJ's is the amount of items that get cleared out monthly.

For deals at Bjs for the Spooky season see our roundup here.

BJ's offers one of the best gas deals on gas savings with their Fuel Saver program. BJ's members can get 10 cents off a gallon discount for every fuel saver item they purchase.

You can learn more about the best deal on gas at BJ's this month here.

Free Same-Day Delivery and Other Shipping Options

At BJ’s Wholesale Club, convenience is key. That’s why they offer several shipping methods to suit your needs, including free same-day delivery on qualifying purchases. Spend $100 or more, and you’ll enjoy same-day delivery at no extra cost for a limited time.

In addition, BJ’s offers promotions for free shipping throughout the year, making your online shopping experience even more enjoyable.

You can also choose curbside pickup for free at BJ's Wholesale Club. Shop from the app or the website, choose the items you need, and then wait at BJ's in a designated parking spot for your order.

With so many options at your fingertips, you can shop with ease and confidence using a BJ’s coupon code for your BJ’s purchases.

Understanding BJ's Return Policy

It’s beneficial to acquaint yourself with BJ’s Wholesale Club’s return policy for a seamless and trouble-free shopping process. Here are some key points to note:

  • Most non-grocery items with original parts and packaging can be returned within one year of purchase.
  • CDs and DVDs must be unopened.
  • Major appliances have a 30-day return window.

Refunds may take up to 30 days to process, so it’s crucial to plan accordingly. With this knowledge, you can shop with confidence and peace of mind.

gas items at bjs wholesale club

Stay Connected with BJ's for the Latest Coupons and Deals

For an optimized BJ’s Wholesale Club experience, keep in touch to stay aware of the latest coupons, deals, and customer service support.

You can sign up for emails, follow BJ’s on social media, and download the BJ’s app to stay updated on the latest offers and club promotions.

Need assistance? BJ’s customer service is just a call or email away. By staying connected with BJ’s, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to save big on your favorite products.

BJ's wholesale club is a great place to find high-quality products at unbeatable prices. With the tips we've provided in this post, you can save even more money on your BJ's membership. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts, take advantage of rewards programs, and shop during off-peak hours.

Follow mybjswholesale for the latest membership deals and keep an eye out for changes in pricing. With these tips and tricks, you'll never have to pay full price for a BJ's membership again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BJ's 40-dollar welcome bonus?

These offers are typically when a new BJ's club opens up, and they offer new members a discount. We typically see a pay the regular membership price of $55 but and get back a $40 BJ's Gift Card.

Perfect for new members considering getting a membership, so don't miss out! When new locations are opening, you can look for these deals on our blog and at BJ's website.

What is the annual fee for BJ's membership?

Experience all the exclusive benefits of a BJ's Membership and get started for only $55 for a 12-month

(with our coupon discount, it's only $20) Club Card Membership or $110 for a 12-month Club + Membership – what are you waiting for?

How do I get coupons from BJs?

Find coupons at the front entrance in a booklet or service desk, or clip them online at BJs.com – remember that BJ's doesn't accept scanned coupons from your phone!

You can also download the BJ's app and clip coupons in the app to add to your membership card. Coupons added online or in the BJ's app will automatically be deducted at the register. If you have already started the checkout process and scanned your BJ's membership card, you won't be able to add coupons after that.

So add those coupons BEFORE you get in line to check out.

You can use manufacturer coupons at BJ's Wholesale club. BJ's does add manufacturer coupons to its online website and the BJ's app that you can clip.

Manufacturer coupons can be from newspapers, magazines, coupons.com etc. Tap here for more on BJ's coupon stacking policy.

Get those savings today!

What's better BJ's or Costco?

We did a full blog post on comparing Costco Store Brand Items to BJ's here; guess who the winner was?

We love a good comparison that's why we have a few more for you to see the biggest savings.

How do I renew my $25 membership at BJ's?

Login to your account, hit the ‘Renew' button and you're ready to enjoy another year! The downside is this option will charge your the full price. You can also renew while checking out in-club by mailing back your renewal notice or by calling Member Care at 800-257-2582.

If you want to wait in the mail to receive a come-back membership coupon, you can check the online renewal deal for $25 for BJ's members here.

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