3 Reasons Your BJ’s Coupons Aren’t Coming Off at Checkout

Welcome to couponing in 2023! Where digital coupons are all the rage. BJ's Wholesale club's digital coupons have been available for a while now, but things seem to really be taking off.

In 2019, BJ's finally added the Front of Club Booklets, the ones shown below, to their online coupon database. As well as the BJs coupon book. Plus, BJ's now has manufacturer coupons available online too!

bjswholesale front of club coupon book

The problem is they don't match up the deals with BJs and manufacturer coupons for you as I do here. I try to run this website to make shopping at BJs easier and budget friendly.

If you have added BJs digital coupons to your membership card only to find out when you get home the coupons didn't come off, you are not alone.

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Here are three reasons your digital BJ's Coupons may not be working.

tide powder coupons at bjs

You are Using the Wrong Site

If you are loading coupons on a desktop, tablet, or any other way NOT through the BJs app, you may be using the wrong website.

Technically there are two different-looking URL addresses to add BJs coupons to your membership card.

The first one is the link that has been available since BJ's announced they would start using coupons available online.

I spoke with a BJ's customer service representative the other day, and they said the link SHOULD work.

But it didn't work for me—multiple times.

I'm not saying it 100% won't work because of the information this BJ s employee gave me.

Yet, I've shopped at BJ's for over ten years and have been running this blog for four years, and we've seen many BJ's employees not fully understanding the policies and procedures.

Don't even get me started on all the confusion already with the new updated BJ's coupon policy. 🙂

This is how the first or shall I say, older URL looks-

If you head to the official BJs.com website and click coupons in their menu, it looks newer and updated.

That URL looks like this-

Go on and try both links. This is on desktop or your phone, whatever works, but this is NOT through the BJs app.

If you want to BE sure your digital coupons are coming off at BJs Checkout, use the second link. This one is here. I hate having the app on my phone for space, so I always add BJs coupons using my desktop.

Through trial and error for this post the second one has always been a success.

When I asked why there were still two links to the employee, she didn't have an answer. And almost rudely told me, ” Duh, if the first one doesn't work just use the other one.” When I tried to ask if there was a reason for this or to clarify for my readers, I got ignored!

exclusive coupons for BJ's members

The Second Reason Your BJs Coupons May Not Be Working Is…

The item you purchase isn't the item the coupon is good for. I know this seems like common sense. Yet, I've done it because BJ's is getting trickier. No, smarter?

I don't know what the word is; you guys share it with me in the comments below. But there are some BJs coupons with specific wording on the voucher. This means it will only work on the items mentioned.

Back in the good ol' couponing days, the number one thing I taught to new extreme couponers (you know since we paid off a majority of our $52k debt by couponing) was to never judge a coupon by the product image.

Let's say your manufacturer coupon said- $1 off any Kellogg's Cereal, but on the coupon was a picture of Kellogg's Raisin Bran and Fruit Loops.

That image doesn't mean the coupon was only suitable for those two brands. It's more about marketing, making us think so.

If you bought Kellogg's Rice Krispies with that coupon it works, because you always go by the wording on a coupon- not the image.

BJ's isn't the case. Some of the BJs coupons are worded like $2.00 off McCormick Grill Matesandn have three grill mates spices on the coupon,n and it may just work on those three items.

To me it doesn't make sense, but hey all BJ's Wholesale Clubs make their own rules when it comes to couponing don't they?! – If you aren't familiar with this, join our Facebook group, where this is the NUMBER ONE complaint about coupons at BJ.

The Third Reason Your BJ's Coupons May Not Be Working is Because You have Used it Already.

Yep, when it comes to BJs digital coupons, you can only use them ONE time. This doesn't mean you can't buy Two McCormick Spices because you want one BBQ and one Montreal Steak; it means the website can't allow you to use more than one because of the dreaded, ‘Coupon Fraud.”

When BJ's changed the coupon policy, it wasn't because so many couponers were using five hundred manufacturer coupons, no, the glitch-type couponers, the dishonest ones; they were on purpose using two, three even FOUR BJs coupons on an item to get it free.

If BJs changed their system to allow that, well, history would repeat itself. Speaking of coupon fraud, a BJ's active employee in our group told me that using the BJs digital coupon before the start date on the BJs paper coupon was a coupon fraud. Honestly, I laughed. Yet, it makes you wonder…

This article isn't about BJs coupon fraud, but I'm thinking we have enough material to write one next!

If you have already used a BJ's digital coupon on one BJs item and you have two of those items in your checkout lane, only ONE BJs digital coupon will come off.

In this situation, bring your booklet along, or head on over to customer service and ask for a BJs coupon book. You can use multiple BJs coupons WHEN you are buying MULTIPLE BJ items.

Go here if you need to see the actual BJ coupon policy.

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I've given you plenty to think about and comment on below. Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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